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Hi. This is sexual so please only read if male.

I need help. Is getting an erection a sin? I play with my dog often because I find it fun. This includes running around, playing fetch and wrestling. However, I have a question. This is embarrassing. I get an erection every time I wrestle my dog, for some reason. I noticed a long time ago but I didn’t worry about it. Recently however I’m thinking it might be a sin. I wrestled my dog again a few times to see if it happened every time. It does. The only reason I could really think of is when it jumps on me and lightly chews my neck which tickles. But it happens also when this doesn’t happen. In the past I just didn’t worry about it and kept playing with it. Now I feel very very guilty every time I play with it because it happens every time and I feel I might be encouraging it or something. Should I stop playing with it altogether? I asked and my confessor said affection for dog is not bad but sexual things are. I am worried. Is this sexual. If so how do I confess something as embarrassing as this.

Thanks for listening. Sorry if it’s yuck.

If it doesn’t arouse you in any way other than the physical manifestation, it doesn’t sound like a sexual thing to me.

There are a number of possible causes. I’m no expert but several years back my mother’s choir director had a little “problem” whil directing choir in that there was almost always a visible erection that was hard for the choir members to completely avoid noticing. Turns out there was some sort of medical issue and he had some type of procedure or medication and it fixed the problem.

You didn’t say your age, but young men can get erections at practically a change in wind direction. As long as that’s all it is, I doubt it’s any sort of sin but just an indicator that your body parts “work.” Does it happen only when playing with the dog, or are there other times?



Not a sin.

[embarrassing sometimes, but not a sin.]

[several priests have told me that it stops happening about an hour after they hammer the last nail into your casket. It’s totally normal; part of the male physiology.]

At the top of this Catholic Answers home page there is a search box.

Type in the word purity and then read the things that come up.

Entirely normal (speaking as mom to 3 teen boys).

(quickest way to get people to read posts is to say " only"!! :D:p;))

Ha! Exactly! (I’m a girl):o

And the dog gets and erection too. Worse off when he things that he may copulate with my trousers and the owner (a lady ) does not say anything… well, let’s change subject…

Other erection occasions: hot shower, some movements, SpringTime, female sights (do not need to be a bikini; I find erotic some burkhas with the eyes shining which led some guy so say I am weird !!!) , stupid occasions as for no reason at wall.

Shrinking of Penis: cold shower, cold seawater, terribly cold sea or river water, cold weather, physical exercize, and others that I do not remember.

I was dumbfounded when my 5 year old kid asked me : “Dad, why is it so that my penis (he said his own way) grows when I see models on TV?” (he asked the question when he was seeing it !!!)


But, women have clitoris too, let us remember !!!

You write that as if it might be a bad thing?

When you get to be 70+, you look back on the good old days …

Like everyone else said, it is normal.

It is very random and annoying also…

Shut up ! I am almost there ! I hope you are utterly wrong !!!

No. She says that for THOUGH she is a girl, she knows that…


[it’s not really that funny!]


Some of the responses here are priceless.

Yeah, as everyone said it’s normal.

Chinese saying:
“Young Men like Women, Old Men like Intrigues”
(not really the right translation, but we have to do with it…

I know this isn’t exactly what you’re talking about but I was reading somewhere that getting an erection e.g. when you’re asleep is controlled by the spinal cord as part of the autonomic nervous system. So sometimes it’s completely involuntary, not even controlled by the will at all - and in that case it can’t be sinful because there’s no conscious input.

Indeed! It’s not just young guys who get physically aroused at odd times. Won’t go into detail, for modesty’s sake, but I’ve had my moments when I realized I could relate to a young guy in the “walking erection” stage of the maturation process. And it’s not just guys who are visually-oriented: guys need to be modest just as much as women do, because the female version of “male gaze” is more common that one might think.

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