Men prefer debt free virgins


I don’t believe the author is catholic, but I stumbled across this link and I’m curious on CAF’s take on this article.


Men should prefer…the person God intends for them debt or not, tattoos or not, virgins or not.

I stopped reading the article when it suggested women shouldn’t go to college. If it had a big surprise finish, my bad.


It did not, I’m just kind of chuckling at the article. Although the concept doesn’t sound awful to me:rofl:


Hm, I didn’t go to college just to meet a husband, but the thought did cross my mind that I was more likely to meet a suitable man there than anywhere else. And I did! We’re both interested in books and art and all sorts of other interesting things, and now we have kids who also like all that stuff! I think it worked out pretty well.

Now, the debt part was hard, but I also came with a very strong work ethic, and we’re committed to giving our kids a stronger financial education than either of us had.


Women who write blogs should either (a) go to college or (b) take some remedial grammar courses, because this blog is full of grammar errors. It undermines her credibility, such as it is, entirely.


College degrees don’t guarantee good spelling and grammar. Couldn’t tell you how many college grads I know that talk about their “collage” experience.

I’m a college drop out and I’m a lot better at reading, spelling, grammar, etc. than most of my friends who graduated.

College is grossly overrated.


I would hope it’s a joke, but I know it isn’t.

You are correct that this is not a Catholic person, nor representative of Catholic teaching or authentic teaching of any kind. This is one woman’s warped view of womanhood. It’s pretty frightening, actually.


Um, hello, it was a joke. You know, because she’s advocating that women don’t need education, and yet appears to be pretty uneducated herself. Irony and all that.


Shouldn’t go to college? Good grief. Welcome to the nineteenth century.


Maybe she’s just taking her opinion to heart and is playing the part :rofl:


For someone who never went to college, the author seems to “know” a lot about what supposedly goes on there.

“The husband will need to take years teaching his wife the correct way to act, think, and live since college taught them every possible way that is wrong.”



College is not for everyone.

I think this blogger is one of the reformed Baptist which seem to populate the Christian blogosphere. Reformed Baptists believe in a sort of Christian Reconstruction where the US is a theocracy. I don’t think Catholics will be allowed in this society of theirs.

Anyway I don’t think the Church thinks higher education for women is a sin. If the church believed in that it wouldn’t have built Universities for women.


It is based on Christian Reconstructionism which calls for a Calvinist theocracy. Catholics and other heretics not welcome.




Nothing wrong with college per se. But people do need to notice the debt incurred and they do need to mind the return on investment. Because that’s what it is. I agree very much with the statement that “college is not for everyone”. That goes for both sexes by the way. Student loan debt, if sufficiently large enough, does retard family formation because it gets in the way of mortgages and household expenses of raising children.

I’m not rich so I don’t feel the need to rescue someone from the consequences of poor decision making regarding debt. I kept mine to a minimum and paid it off as quickly as I could. Now I would strongly prefer not to compromise what I have by taking on someone else’s major debt problems.


It’s an article that covers just a very, very narrow scope that might be applicable to other like-minded Christians living in areas where a single income household is possible and you can easily find a like-minded man who wants to marry and support you. But it’s not the reality of most people.

I certainly think people should try to fund an education with as little debt as possible, but women can’t just rely on men to take care of them anymore in the event that there is a death, divorce or a spouse becomes disabled and can no longer work. A woman needs a backup plan or options, which is where education and a career comes in. Life isn’t a Jane Austen novel and Regency England wasn’t as romantic as it seems.


Well it could be said women prefer the same of men.


There is romantic ideal… between a man and a woman. Now is there a romantic ideal for men and women?
And there is this old saying “gimme a woman with a past and a man with a future”.
So…a lot of sayings.
Of course in a poll at the question “do you prefer a gorgeous virgin siren with supranatural powers who also can help you financially?” Most men would reply yes. The only time they would stop and regret their answer is when the next question is “If you hadn’t answered the previous question yes then I would ask you if you prefer 100 gorgeous virgins sirens with supranatural powers who also can help you financially? But now you are disqualified because you aggreed you would settle just for one.”


That’s right. I mean, who DOESNT prefer debt-free virgins? There’s not a lot of depth in this article. What happened to the idea of going to college to enrich your life with knowledge and wisdom? I do think it’s good for her to stand up and challenge the status quo, even though I don’t respect most of what she has quoted. I have less respect for women who attack men, angerly playing the victim card. There’s a lot more of that going around than this type of short-sightedness. It’s easy and safe to criticize her post.


That’s not true. Christian Reconstruction is a fringe belief among Baptists, including Reformed ones.

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