Men who like the most expensive, high tech items!


Dh is a great provider and loving husband!

But he loves all things hi tech and generally wants the most expensive of whatever item we are shopping for.

I asked him to buy a thermometer today. He came home w/ an infra red, battery operated thermometer that takes the temp in the ear. It said my temp was 95, then 97.3. Not helpful. I don’t even want to know what he paid for it!

I may just get an under the tongue model tomorrow. :shrug:

Anyone else have hubbies who like the most complicated things on the market??


I’m a guy, and I just get whatever works. I don’t know if marriage will change that, but I sure hope not!


KCT, it’s a typically male trait, though not all men have it (e.g. I don’t) and likely some women have it too. I find it somewhat amusing and potentially endearing in others, but it’s true I don’t have to live with them or share their bills. Generally, innovation happens through experimentation and if a couple of folks didn’t burn their beards, we probably wouldn’t have modern chemistry, physics or mechanics. What I see in your example is primarily your husband wanting the best for his family and manifesting it in a typically male way - through technology. Look at it from that point of view and get a hearty laugh out of the situation. After all, it’s kinda proof you’re living with a MAN. :smiley:


Typically, things that are more expensive, are better quality, but not always. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d take that thermometer back! :wink:


I have a mild case of this affliction and I refuse to be a beta tester. My DS in L has a serious case. I think this is mostly a male trait but not exclusively. One of my DDs likes high tech kitchen items.


I like older cheap trucks and fix them up. Its funny because I may have 4 or 5 trucks and I spent less on all of them then most people spend one one car lol


I’m sure many of us have heard the expression “The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.” I have certainly been guilty of this, on occasion . . .


Now that we’ve started fessing up, I love tuning computers. That means I disappear behind a catproof door for an evening (or a day) with a screw-driver and a couple of blowing fans or heatsinks or some such and I toy around until I conclude there’s little difference anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, sometimes there is. It’s always nice to have a silent one. If you thought of it more rationally, most of the money that goes into it is kinda wasted, though I don’t regret the time (or the money, for that matter, it’s not that much). Generally, playing at a computer with a screwdriver gives me more pleasure than lawyer’s work. It allows me to reconnect with my ideal world from my youth, where you can become an IT genius even if you’re horrible at maths. :stuck_out_tongue:


My ex-husband was bad about this, and it was especially bad for us because we could not afford expensive things. But he had to keep up with the Joneses, even if it meant maxing out a credit card. :frowning:

My dad, on the other hand, is the total opposite. He is an engineer, so I guess that has something to do with the wild ideas he would come up with for rigging up something. My favorite was when my son was planting a butterfly garden and installing a small pool. He wanted to install a pump in it, but he priced them and they were rather high. My dad said, “Oh, just look for an old washing machine someone has put out by the side of the road and take the motor out of that.” :rotfl:


lol, I’m one of those guys… Well with in reason, I stick to what I can afford or try to. My last big kick was home theater, got a nice 50" HDTV (DLP, 720P) at a nice price, 5.1 surround with nice floor standing speakers, bluray (of course) even hd dvd when it was alive and game consoles (all current but PS3 right now).

Now when it comes to thermoniters, personally I’m a big fan of the old fashioned under the tounge mercury ones lol. It’s my fiance that wants the high tech, in the ear infrared one.


I don’t know what you are talking about:shrug:

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I used to be like that, but now that I have kids, I can’t affort to be like that.

FWIW, we had one of those in ear digital thermometers and we loved it. Worked great and produced accurate and consistent readings. Then it broke and we have gone through 3 or 4 now…all digital types… that stink. We are back to the under the tongue.


If my computer has been completely stable for more than a week, I start getting the urge to fix it until it’s broken again. Very occasionally this process results in calamity, but overall it’s netted me a nice PVR setup, triple boot with Linux, OSX and Windows 7, a nicely overclocked quad core, etc.

I think these two comics are relevant:


LOL…No…cause WE BOTH HAVE THAT PROBLEM!!! Except he likes what he likes and I like what I like. He is more down to earth than I am. Im the one that has to hae the touch screen laptop that can walk and talk too!!! hes just happy with reg lap or desk top. hes not very techie, but I am. I have the latest and the greates. Im a crafter, so I have all the machines you can probably think of. I love the new stuff and I have that thermometer he bought. There is a new one…you scan across your forehead instead!!! I cant wait to get it!!! :D:thumbsup:


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