Mennonite firm sues over Obamacare contraception coverage

Philadelphia Inquirer:

Mennonite firm sues over Obamacare contraception coverage

A Mennonite-owned cabinetmaker has filed a federal suit charging that the Affordable Care Act’s mandate on contraception coverage violates its constitutional rights.Conestoga Wood Specialties, citing the principles of religious freedom on which William Penn founded Pennsylvania, says in its suit, filed in U.S. District Court, that to accord to its Mennonite beliefs, it would be “sinful and immoral for the company to participate in, pay for, facilitate or otherwise support any contraception” that would have the effect of an abortion.
The Lancaster County-based company, which employs 950 people at plants in several locations across the country, is the latest firm to join a growing number of Catholic and evangelical Christian-owned businesses - among them the Oklahoma-based craft store chain Hobby Lobby - suing over the contraception-coverage mandate.

“Because of that provision in the policy, because our clients are paying for it, because of their religious beliefs, they are very opposed to any form of killing - they don’t think they should be forced into providing coverage that has the potential for taking of a life,” said Chuck Proctor, a Chadds Ford-based lawyer representing the firm and its principals, Norman Hahn and his two sons.
The federal mandate becomes effective for the company’s 950 employees with the renewal of its policy with Health America in January, Proctor said.

Good for them!
It will be interesting to see what happens. he Mennonites have a long history of refusing to submit to the gov’t. They are conscientious objectors, refuse to pledge allegiance or salute the flag – all of which have been recognised thru various court decisions.

Not Catholic news

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