Menopause and Acne


Have any other 40+ women experienced an increase in acne?

I’ve read that it can be part of menopause, so I’m not surprised. I also read that calcium and fiber help, as does cutting back on carbs and fats.

I bought a Clearasil cleanser and am using it faithfully twice a day. If it doesn’t work, I’m going to use dd’s generic pro- active.

–KCT (not looking for medical advice)


I am not 40 but… I am so annoyed to hear that you have to experience acne at 40 or at menopausal time. When do you get a break!!!

I had acne at 13… barely. At 24 I got real bad acne just on my chin. I had no idea what was causing it. Now that I am pregnant and 28, I have acne ( mostly had it in the first trimester and was super annoyed )

Now I hear we can get it at 40???

Have mercy!


I’m 45 and one side of my face is a mess! It started out as a line of acne from my temple, down along my jaw line to my chin. Now it’s almost the whole right side of my face. Blech!


Try Neutrogena products. I think they work the best, even better than proactive. If that doesn’t work, get some meds from the dr- there are some good rx’s out there for acne.


Acne during menopause are caused probably by hormonal fluctuation. Pretty much similar to teenagers. I am not close to menopause yet but I was having problems with acne during my early thirties when I was moving from place to place a lot. My skin is very oily so I had to start exfolianting every day (there are very gentle products these days that do not irritate skin); then I use toner (10% glycolic acid); apply serum + non-oily moisturizer. I still get 1 or 2 pimples around my period but at least I do not get a whole colony.


I’ve had trouble with acne since I was about 10 and I’m 51, now. Lately, I’ve noticed that the cleaner I keep my hair and the more often I change my pillow case, the better my face does. I have a habit of putting my hair in a ponytail when it starts to get a little oily and when that oil rubs off on my pillow, my skin gets bad.

Also, I use Proactiv. It’s a bit expensive, but well worth the money.


Wow. I’ve had acne since about 16. It wasn’t too bad when I was a teenager but it got consistantly worse in my twenties. Nowdays it’s absolutely horrible around that time of the month. It doesn’t seem to matter what I eat or don’t eat it stays pretty consistant. Nothing I’ve ever tried works either…right now I can’t afford Proactiv but I doubt that would have any effect either. Neutrogena didn’t do anything for me either…same with clearasil. I don’t know what the answer is other then covering it all up with make up. I keep my face super clean and use cold cream and clearasil type conditioners. :confused: I’ll probably continue to have the same problem when I go through the time of life …:eek: :rolleyes: :mad: A friend of mine came to work with her face all dressed up like a mummy’s because she was pregnant and her face was blotched up with acne so she was really embarrassed…so things could be worse. :shrug:


A dermatologist and antibiotics would probably be your best bet.


My oldest had really tough acne, and a generic version of Proactiv worked for her. Wal Mart and Target sell it; it’s called Acne Free. It’s ~ $20.

The Clearasil product I’m using seems to be helping for now. Acne Free comes next if the Clearasil doesn’t do the trick.


Thanks, I didn’t know there was a generic version. I’ll give it a try. What have I got to loose. :thumbsup: Except acne…:smiley: :slight_smile:


Thanks for that bit of advice, KCT. :thumbsup: I didn’t know that there was a generic version of proactiv. I’m having the same problem right now. I’m 50 and the hormonal changes can be exacerbating.


treatment depends on the cause
if it is hormonal, treatment is hormonal balance
if it is food, and yes I don’t care what they say some foods can cause breakouts (had chocolate several times in the last couple of weeks, after several months w/o and am now broken out again)
if it is allergic reaction or sensitivity you have to hunt down and eliminate the cause
if it is medication related, you might have to wait until you stop taking the meds
and so forth.
it can be allergies, sensitivities to some agent, excessive oil production (or not enough) due to some cause, sebhorrea (sp.) which can also cause what looks like dandruff, rosacea, or drug reaction.

the generic cleanser and cosmetic that seem to work best for em is witch hazel and aloe vera. I use tea tree oil based lotion on skin eruptions that seem to be caused by yeast or fungus (common among diabetics and often requires sytemic treatment).

and just when you figure out the cause it may go away by itself. or not.


For what it’s worth: I had an area on my chin that would always have either an under the skin, preparing to rupture, pimple, or an outright disgusting, huge whitehead pimple (I"m sorry, there’s no delicate way to describe this gross stuff). It went on for about a year or so. I am in perimenopause and just as one would clear up, another would begin. I tried proactive, but it didn’t really help. I tried sulfur based products and they would dry up the existing zit and destroy all the surrounding skin, but do nothing for the new one forming under the skin. I tried salicylic acid products (Clearisil, etc), with the same effect. I tried Murad acne complex and poof, they’re gone. It’s a combination of salicylic acid and hydrogen peroxide (antibacterial). It’s in gel form and I use it twice a day. It doesn’t overly dry my “mature” skin, yet it keeps the pimples away. Maybe it will work for you.

Either way, my sympathy. It’s just not right – wrinkles and pimples at the same time. Yuck.


Menopause refers to the physiological stopping of menstrual cycles that is associated with advancing age in species that experience such cycles. More specifically menopause occurs as the ovaries of the species stop producing estrogen, which in turn causes the entire reproductive system to slowly come to a halt.


hi kct, I have experienced an increase in acne as well. I am not quite 40 yet and have started the dreaded menopause. I say dreaded because it’s messing with my crohn’s right now. grrrrr

anyway, my heart goes out to you. Let me know if you find something that really works because I have been trying Neutragena and not finding that it’s all that great.

To all those who are going through the change, hang in there, this too shall pass. My prayers are with you. God bless.:smiley: :smiley:


I’ve been using Target’s Method Bloq soap w/ decent results.


thanks kct, im going to look into that.

have a great weekend. :smiley:


I’m 51 and have been having breakouts for the last few months.
In fact,my skin seems to have increased in oiliness lately.
I had breakouts as a teenager and again in my early 30’s.
Maybe I’ll try that generic version of Pro-Active.


I’m using Biore pore reducing cleanser and it seems to really help with my acne. I haven’t noticed a huge flare up with “the change,” just pop ups every now and then.


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