Men's Advice Website Column Tells Men How To Coerce Their Girlfriends To Abort

This part of the article really bother’s me…why shouldn’t they think they are carrying another person??

** “You just need to take care with the presentation,” Snow advises. "When you’re ready to share your opinion, you’ll want to use a calm, steady tone. You’ll also want to take care with your word choice; pregnant women tend to feel like they’re carrying someone, as opposed to something, even if she is just a month or so pregnant**

More reasons to pray!!!:mad:

These people need our prayers. This world is getting more and more disgusting by the day.:frowning:

That´s really shocking.

I have tried the link but it links to a different article. Could you re-post the correct link please, thank you.

Here is the link to the correct news article:

An unexpected surprise is that the columnist who wrote that advice is a woman. :frowning:

This is utterly shocking. I don´t even have words for this:
1)Utter disrespect for unborn child - I need not say anymore on this
2)Utter disrespect for woman - treated like a stupid, gullible, irrational object that´s storing another object (the baby), even the language employed “speak in a calm tone etc”, it´s like how somebody would try and calm a crazy cornered dog or something
3)Belief that the male is entitled to use (and abuse?) as he wishes. This is like an implicit superiority of the male, as well as portraying the male as the only rational person in the situation.

I could go on and on, it just offends on so many levels. And this from a woman??!!

mea culpa, Thanks Dale for posting the proper site. :o

This does bring out the coercion that is at the heart of most abortions and belies the feminist rhetoric of “choice”.

That’s horrid. I think the most shocking part is when the columnist tells the men they don’t have any responsibility for the baby if the woman decides to give birth! As if the woman’s choice to have the baby relieves the man of his duties! Is that child still not his own flesh and blood? What is this world coming to?!?!?!

Why is it shocking that a woman can have a bad opinion? We have seen a recent nomination to the Supreme Court that expresses the idea that the sex of a person becomes a qualification for being superior. Talk about reverse discrimination.

I don’t know what to think anymore. You think things can’t get any worse, then the next day something else comes along to prove you wrong. :frowning: I am so glad that in the end it’ll be God who wins.

this is very disturbing. especially, since it was written by a woman.:frowning:

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