Men's Religious Order Question


Is there a male religious order that serves directly with young people?


Three that come to mind immediately are the Christian Brothers (who staff schools), Jesuits (who also staff schools), and Salesians (who work with youth). I’m sure people will chime in with others.


The Brotherhood of Hope does campus ministry and outreach on college campuses.


Another community is the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, similar to the Christian Brothers in that they are vowed religious who run schools K-12. In addition they have missions in England, Africa and (I think) in the Philipines. I attended one of their schools, and was a member of the order for six years back in the '60’s, but it didn’t work out for me. However, they are still hard at work educating kids and doing a great job of it.


Maybe this is not what you are thinking, but I toss it out. Military Chaplains work primarily with young people in their 20’s, although it can be anyone in the service. The Archdiocese for Military Services in the USA welcomes vocation inquiries.


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