Men's rights and Catholicism

There’s something that I am very curious about. What is the Catholic Church’s stand on men’s rights? I’ve seen the Church’s stand on feminism, but not on men’s rights.

I don’t really think the Church frames things in terms of women’s rights or men’s rights, but rather focuses on all of our human dignity as childrern of God.

Can you be a little more specific in what you are really looking at, men’s rights to what?

I’m looking at men’s rights in general, as in the men’s rights movement.

Nimzovik Responds:
Good reply. However in view of well, IMHO, the church reeling from the Feminist assaults on Mother Church via abortion, Female priests etc. etc., I would like to hear more on the roles of Males.

Certainly, for example, is circumcison nescessary? This would be a great start.

Also the writtings of St. Paul could use some elucidation.

Catholicism does not teach that circumcision is necessary.

Could you be more specific?

If memory serves - Ephesians 5 -22. What is the (married) Males role?

I mean - we often see web sites like this one -

How to address such?

Yes. Even the secular women’s rights movements tend to frame themselves as equal rights movements, rather than as efforts to give women rights that men don’t have (in theory, at least).

I’m not familiar with a men’s rights movement. Can you give examples of the issues they’ve been putting forward?

Here is one: another and here: and

I have not thoroughly checked these but I am sure there are many more.

However, compared to the number of Feminist sites, it is an appalling lack of representation.

It’s not a competition. If you really want a group than start one. Feminism asks for equality not superiority. Women throughout the world and throughout history have been the ones discriminated against thats why efforts to raise the dignity of women is mentioned more often. There are parts of the world where women have no rights. The Church does not just speak to the western world where women’s legal rights are now protected. The Church does not place women above men and vise versa.

Bwahahahaha! That’s the biggest whopper if I have ever heard one. If that’s so, then why aren’t the Feminists fighting for the right to be forced to sign up for Selective Service, or be forced to have to pay child support, or court give equal treatment? or how about the feminists demand that women pay for the men on the date.

Most importantly why aren’t the feminists giving men equal weigh on the issue of abortion instead of shunning us with the lame “it’s my body”…yeah well “its my kid in your body!”

Puh-lease…maybe there was a time when the Feminist cause was a noble one, but it surely isn’t now.

This thread is pathetic. I should of just ignored it.:shrug:

Yes perhaps it’s best you should. However to call it pathetic because there exists an opposite sex and we are tired of being ignored and cast aside in the Western world as if we are a worthless piece of meat…shows how little you care for your fellow man.

Just because men are worried about our rights, doesn’t make us pathetic.

Men are to gird up our loins.:slight_smile:

There are equality feminists who are just as she says, First Wave feminists i.e. suffragettes definitely had legitimate concerns. Many Second Waves also had legitimate concerns such as equal pay for equal work.

Problem is, there are those who hijacked the Second Wave and turned it into a quest for equal economic outcomes rather than equal economic opportunities.

There really shouldn’t be a need for men’s rights or women’s rights at all. The need for these gender-specific rights only exist as a result of our society’s need to break down God’s natural law and create a system that is more pleasing to our current social expectations. Furthermore, at the end of the day, these gender-specific rights start to take priority over the basic human rights that are common to all human beings (such as our right to life).

To go further down the path of gender-specific rights would be the wrong thing to do. What we have to do is to fight the existing feminist movement that exists in the church and restore natural law and allow the gender’s to exist in the way that God has intended them to exist.

It’s one of Satan’s great traps to think that the answers to the problems in our lives is to exert even more control over things that should be left to God… this just needlessly adds torment to our lives and ultimately makes the problems that we were trying to solve that much worse… :frowning:

Which I’m all in favor, but it has been accomplished. The so-called modern Feminists whine about not getting free contraception and some think as far as getting rid of the Mr/Ms/Mrs because it’s “sexist”. Those are the one’s I thought she was mentioning and those are the ones I have a problem with…not the 1st or 2nd wave fems.

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