mental health

i hear voices and see things my mental health has been really bad at the moment
my husband says am ill because i keep saying that i am God i believe that when i die the world will end
my husband says it not true
I also have OCD and i think blasphemous thoughts and i have other problems with my OCD
i dont mean to be blasphemous
am unsure what to do about it i see my dr on the 2nd of feb
i see my psych in 6 weeks
My husband is with me most of the time so am not on my own apart from once a fortnight he go to my mums
sorry if this upsets anyone am not meaning to

I will pray for you. Maybe you can move up your appointment day?

IF i want to see a certain dr i cant move the appointment but if it was an emergency i could end up with one of the drs that are less understating as one dr i saw on an emergency appointment and he told me i didn’t need medication :frowning:
id rather see my regular dr
thank you for your prayers

Makes sense to me. Be well.

Praying :frowning:

Thank you

Praying for you. Be well.
Praying that the doctors will be guided by the Spirit to help you deal with your health.

God Bless. :slight_smile:

Praying for your return to good mental health & recovery.

Thank you
Am also scared that i will do something to prove that i am God my husband is here with me and he says am not God its just my mental health … my husband gets no support from anyone he finds it frustrating at times
am wanting my husband to get support my husband isn’t Christian he is an atheist
We go to a drop in some times for people with mental health problems and a hearing voices group but that’s mainly for me …

unsure how my husbands copes with me

what do you mean to prove that you are God? like something involuntary? does it happens to you to do something involuntary, not like a tought or some quick movement, that happens to lot of us. and specially do your dr. knows about it?

To the poster above me, one of the signs of mental instability is a lack of self control. Try to let go of stress. Take walks, get a massage, drink some alcohol if your meds allow it, and step away from the tv, reading, or internet.

Prayer and the Sacraments can help immensely with mental health issues. Especially frequent Communion and confession.

You are possessed, you need to speak to a priest.
He can help you. Please go and don’t hesitate.
I once had an exorscism and when it came out, I was healed. I know what I am saying.

ps your doctor does not know of these things only a priest can help you.
All a doctor will do is fill you with drugs and it will not help you.

Praying for you.

Please go to your nearest ER asap. You have an illness. A chemical imbalance in the brain. Tell them your situation. You will be psychologically evaluated and medications will be started immediately and you will be referred to a psychiatrist for follow up for medication management. There are lots of new psych meds available now. If one does not work you will be put on another one or a different dosage or a combination of meds. You will need appts with psych every three weeks for about three months until you find the right fit for meds. You will not be admitted to hospital when you go to the ER. Please be sure to contact psychiatrist and keep the appointment. The first appointment will be for one hour for a history of your physical health and your mental state. The following appointments will be 15-30 minutes for medication management. There is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed. Treatment is readily available. You don’t have to feel bad. If you don’t seek help it will get worse. Medication is life changing. Mental illness is no different from cancer or diabetes. You need treatment. And you need it today.

things have changed , suddenly i feel like destroying myself
I self injure a lot but i haven’t done it in a week
I have been self injuring since the age of 13 am covered in scars i cant seem to stop it the longest av gone with out is 7 months things happened and things where stressful for me and i started cutting again

I hate myself most of the time
I cant see how anyone could love me but i am married to a man who loves me no matter what
He has no religion himself apart from Christmas time or Easter he gets involved then but thats it

He says to me last night that am not God and i now know that am not God

I think that am looking for some way to escape from what is really wrong hence the delusions

Unsure if i am delusional now i think that the government is spying on me and that i have a chip in my arm .
my psych has said he is reducing my medication soon because he dont think its helpful for me to be relight on it and the medication has bad side effects
but i feel like i need them to be sane
am on medication right now and even that isnt helping
He says it just stress causing it and not anything like Schizophrenia
Sometimes the voices are God and the Angels and other voices are The devil and demons
the Good voices arent that loud and the bad voices are so loud i find it hard to beat them

Thank you all for your prayers

Some do not understand the power demons have over our health.


Religion and Philosophy

Mental Demons

Demon Possession or something else?

The question asks in a nutshell, “Why are Christians so hostile against those with mental illnesses?” The most simple answer might be fear. After all, we’re almost always hostile to that we fear. Why fear? Chances are, because a lot of us don’t understand mental illness. Lack of knowledge = fear = hostility.

Another questions asks, “What is the cause of mental illness?” Some say it’s demonic possession, while others say it’s chemical imbalances in the brain. The answer? Very likely both are the causes.

Let’s take a look at least two disorders that are blamed on demonic possession/oppression; hearing voices, and self injury.

Hearing voices - Often hearing hostile voices either inside the mind or outside the mind. First, the hearing of voices isn’t limited to just schizophrenics. With that out of the way, those who support the demonic possession cause might be on to something. First of all, the voices are almost always extremely hostile and damaging. These are voices that tell people that they’re useless, pieces of ****, that nobody loves them, and that they should die.

Demons are masters of discord, it could be said that they’re miserable, and want humanity to be miserable as well; or it could be said that demons derive from their happiness and pleasure from causing misery.

There’s also the voices that tell people to do certain things. We all know about this; those people who kill ,maybe once, but often more, and because a “higher power” told them to kill. Now, more often than not, those who blame their murders on God or the Devil or whatever are not always telling the truth. Those that are sincere in claiming that God or the devil is responsible are deceived in that it’s always a demon or even Satan causing this. The Godhead would never command someone to kill another person, not in this age, not when we have the justice system (which is flawed) which has the death penalty. (The Godhead will use all things for their purpose.)

In the case of science, the answer seems to be that it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain. However, often these voices can say things not known by the hearer, so a simple chemical imbalance seems unlikely.

If hearing voices is demonic possession, does this mean that Christians should go around tossing holy water at these people, screaming at them like raving lunatics? God forbid, because that would make most look like lunatics themselves, and the demons may cause their host to attack them.

Until the person receives knowledge that they’re being possessed/oppressed, then the best course of action would be treatment. Note that this is not a cure, or even healing, but better for the effects to be lessened until the full healing from the Godhead can occur, than to remain completely miserable.

Gentle illness is not possession. Requests for exercises are on the rise but most of them are weeded out as mental illness. God put Dr.s here to help US by inventing medication. I have mental illness too and I pray to St. Dymphna, the patron saint of mental illness and disorders. If you need meds than take them. I will keep you in my prayers.

Most mental lillness is caused by a demon. Especially what she is talking about…
Even just an angry person has one, I did and I had an escorscism 40 years ago and I saw it.
I know what I am talkling about, You may need one also. I know the symptoms and doctors know nothing about them . Pills only cover up the cause and it will come back.
There are some illnesses that need a doctor, not this.

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