Mentally Challenged Sister, I am Discerning a vocation to the priesthood

Hello. I am discerning a vocation to the priesthood currently and a fear I have is if God is calling me to the priesthood and I am ordained, I have a Mentally Challenged Sister who is much older than I…

If my parents should pass, the care of my sister would probably be to my OTHER sister who is closer to her age, but if she dies or are too weak to care for her, then the responsibility will probably be given to me, and at this point I am already a priest (If God has called me.)

My parents wishes are not to put her in a care facility, and I would love to respect those wishes…but I love my sister and I would love serving Gods people in the best way possible, though I feel as if that would be hard taking care of a mentally handicapped elderly person…

Would their be any Catholic ‘GOOD’ facility to help take care of her and I can visit several times throughout the year to check up and I can even let her come to visit me and my parish…or could I get an elderly, but capable parishioner to help me aid for my sister, or would that be a burden?

This is just a fear… I will ask my Vocations Director, but I would like opinions from people who may of had experience with this on here…


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Put the future into God’s hands. He has a plan both for you and for your sister. Stay in God’s will, and all will come out as it should at the appropriate time.

Meanwhile, focus on your studies and become the best priest you can become and if it is not God’s will that you become a priest, then be the best of whatever God chooses for you. (One of the young men that I have to do with in my ministry was recently named Alberta’s best barista.) Also be the best brother you can be, to both of your sisters, and a good son to your parents - you will see that everything will come together as God has willed it. :slight_smile:

Since there already is a plan for your disabled sister I would think that you can join the presithood. If it comes to the time where you do have to care for her then you should cross that bridge if it comes up.

Lots of prayers should help with your decsion.

Holy Angels, in Belmont, North Carolina, would be an excellent Catholic option should the need arise:

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