Mentally Disabled Forced Into 'Fight Club' at Texas Home

Mentally Disabled Forced Into ‘Fight Club’ at Texas Home
Night Shift Made Cell Phone Videos of Residents at Facility in Corpus ChristiTerrified residents at a Corpus Christi, Texas, state school for the mentally disabled were forced to be part of a brutal “fight club” operated by night shift employees, who made videos of the sessions with their cell phones, the newly released videos show. On the videos employees can be seen and heard laughing and prodding the residents to fight. Watch “Nightline” at 11:30 p.m. ET for Brian Ross’ full report. One resident is seen on the video trying to run away from his attacker and a large…

I saw part of the video on the news…very sick thing to do…

The book should be thrown at the instigators …my son is disabled and I don’t know what I would do…if someone did this to him :mad:

The video was absolutely revolting to see. These people should be made to undergo psychological testing and treatment. Only someone truly sick could even conceive of such a thing, much less consider it “entertainment”.



That was like a punch to the stomach. If anyone doubts the devil is in the world they need to look no further.

i saw this on the news today and thought’ oh no it happened again’ i was confused until they are just now reporting it. this was all over local talk radio months ago. lets just hope for justice healing

This kind of sickening thing is one of the sad results of the Culture of Death. We live in a society which increasingly dehumanizes others for convenience or amusement.

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