Mentally praying in tongues

When mentally praying the rosary the other night, words that sounded bizarre kept popping up. I googled the words and they are verbatim-- a prayer in an ancient language that was used as a lullybe to soothe children to sleep-and are a prayer that means God is all I need. I had insomia that night.

Do people also pray in tongues during mental prayer? I never prayed in tongues verbally or had the inclination to as it was hard for me to believe this was truly happening.

If the words kept popping in your head they may not be from “you”…its hard to say whether it is from heaven or something evil as evil can disguise itself as good to try and trick you…

The best thing to do would be to ignore it if it happens again and to confide all this to a priest and follow his advice

In general.

There are many questions which need to be answered …regarding the Holy Spirit common gift of praying in Tongues. In my humble opinion, the experience as described would be considered the common gift of praying to God. However, I am not an expert.:o

This book on line is an excellent resource.

A Key to Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church
by Msgr. Vincent M. Walsh

Because of some unusual circumstances, which, by the way, were reported in the early years of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, I strongly suggest that one contact your diocesan office for the name, etc., of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal liaison. In some places, this would come under the Vicar for Spirituality. My point is that it is important to talk with someone who has a complete understanding of the Renewal.

I agree that caution must be exercised.

The bible does speak about this in Acts.
And Jesus said:
A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand. (the evil one does not send anything good or of value. Did this experience edify you?)

I wouldn’t be as worried as my brethren are.


Thank you for the replies-I consider myself quietly spiritual-pretty level headed and stable.
I was somewhat skeptical of people praying verbally in tongues I would never think I would get a gift like that–and then this happened.

When it was happening after each decade: a word in arabic that I never heard of came into my mind, and kept repeating itself. I did not even know it was a real word. I was fine when it was happening. Then in the morning I looked up this word on google because I remembered it, and it was with others that I forgot and the translation was God is all you need-and it is said as part of a children’s lullyby prayer. I got very scared because it is very strange that this happened.

On one hand I think that an evil thing would not come to anyone praying the rosary. On the other hand-the translation was God is all you need-perhaps to make me not pray through Mary, so maybe it was not sent from God. Combine this that this word and others are part of an old arabic children’s prayer to help them fall asleep was over the top because I had insomia.

One of my relatives is in the charismatic renewal.

That is how tongues work.

Yes you do have tongues. And tongues can be prayed mentally or aloud.for any reason or petition.

It is a powerful form of prayer, I heard of two priests say that tongues had powerful effect in an exorcism, during deliverance prayers by several priests, a woman could not be delivered until one of them prayed in tongues (is another story I heard),

Mommy K -

GOD IS all you need!

Everything and everyone else is extra! Not in a bad sense - no posters please.

God is the Almighty. He started the ball rolling. Jesus makes us know Him.

Be Happy!


Before praying in tongues charismatics are supposed to pray that evil will enter into the tongues and that the Holy Spirit will speak through the tongues.
Also Holy water is usually spread everywhere around a place before a healing service or charismatic renewal prayer.service takes place, to stop evil interfering.

God is all you need is edifying.
St Theresa of Avila had that motto.
But it never says get rid of Mary. Mary says “Do whatever He says” in the Bible.
God is all you need, and Mary can intercede to help you find God.

What about "Seek yee first the kingdom of God, then all these things will be added to you "
Puts it in context, everything is important to a point, but God comes first in all things. Mary can help you find God in all things.

Thanks again for the replies.

I am not too familiar with this, I only knew one person years ago at our old parish that prayed in tongues verbally during mass. I didn’t know what to think of it-just that this was they way she prayed. I never went to a healing mass or any other charismatic service-

Does one have to ask for this gift? How does it usually come upon a person? I am thinking the first few times it occurs the recipient of the gift is caught off guard and does not have time to prepare with holy water and prayer.

I don’t like to draw attention to myself in spiritual matters that are not formal so I am confused. Of course any gift from God is welcome.

It can be asked for


It can just happen spontaneously


It can grow over time

Like any gift you can ask God to help you learn the gift,
Many of the saints first developed smaller gifts before the gifts grew, God says in the Bible; “You have showed yourself loyal in little matters, I entrust you mow with much.”

Linda schubert has a book on on tongues, available for ebook download,

Fr Robert De Grandis has a book on tongues you can buy for just 7dollars if you go to
He also has cds on tongues on that website,

“Spiritual Warfare” by Stella Davis is on available for ebook download, she has tongues and uses it in the healing and deliverance ministry, so you can read examples of all the ways tongues can be used.

It can be used to pray for anything. Or in thanks. Mainly tongues opens you to the Holy Spirit because you let the Holy Spirit pray in you

Practice praying aloud whatever sounds and words come to you, you can also sing tongues to a hymn you like, just change the words to tongues,

Be humble also, don’t pray it in front of others as boasting, which I know you won’t do :slight_smile:

As far as I’ve read, everyone is meant to have tongues, it is one of the most common charisms,
And it opens you to the other gifts of the Holy Spirit and the other charisms if it is God’s will to grant you more.

Yes, tongues can be experienced mentally. You have recieved this gift. You should exercise it often. :thumbsup:

Your research proves that this is from God. It is also confirmation that this occurred while you were praying the rosary. Practicing spiritual disciplines of this kind opens the mind and heart to receive the gifts of the HS.

This is an important element of discernment, Fran. :thumbsup:

We know them by their fruits. If it is something that edifies one, and draws one closer to their relationship with the Lord, then we have no worries.

There is something to be said for the fact that the devil does attack the devout more profusely, and tries to interfere with our communion with Christ.

However, the fact that you were not seeking any consolations and received this gift because you were seeking the Giver is foundational.

Praying throug/with Mary will never lead you away from God. Her soul “magnifies” the Lord, so when we look through her, we see Him larger and more clearly.

Your attitude that any gift from God is welcome make suffiicent preparation. Some do ask for the gift, as the Apostle encourages us to do so, but it is not uncommon for the gift to fall upon people in this manner. When you read the book of acts, you can see that the gift always accompanied the coming of the HS, and was never specifically requested. Mary is the spouse of the Holy Spirit, so praying with her is an invitation for the HS to come into the heart of the believer.

Praying in Tongues means that we deliberately let go of our rational powers normally used when we are speaking and thinking. We let go of our memory of prayers. Our intellect is quiet. Yet, our lips, tongue, and larynx are still working to produce the sounds. The sounds are there because we willfully yielded our speech mechanism to the Holy Spirit Himself.

When the “sounds” are verbal, they are totally under our control. We can both start and stop as we choose. When the sounds are in our thoughts, we can still start and stop as we choose. Sometimes, when we first receive the gift of praying in Tongues, we simply let the sounds be. We certainly can be curious about what the sounds mean.

While yielding to the Holy Spirit is the important part of praying in Tongues, the way we yield is not written in stone. When we pray the Hail Mary, we yield to both the purpose and joy of that prayer. When we pray the Rosary, we yield to the inspirations which come with the mysteries. It is our desire to be in prayer *with God *which is the important part of yielding. Sometimes, that desire seems to be automatic because of our love for God.

I often think that yielding our gift of speech to the Holy Spirit is the best example of humility and trust. In turn, the Holy Spirit accepts our humble gift of love and trust by perfecting our prayers via His holy sounds. These sounds can be actual words from a different language. The point is that we let the Holy Spirit speak in our name as He chooses.

Perhaps, the desire to be as close to God as possible is, in a way, our seeking of God’s gifts. St. Paul has a marvelous description of the Mystical Body of Christ including many diverse gifts. That is why we do not say that praying in Tongues is better than praying in the vernacular. That is why praying in Tongues should never be considered a “badge of holiness.”

Receiving the gift of praying in Tongues does require a bit of courage when it comes to actually using it. I often suggest that being in the shower, where no one can hear you, is a good way to test one’s freedom to use Tongues. The Holy Spirit does not follow black and white rules. Sometimes there is only one word or a “clicking” sound which is the way a friend of mine started to pray in Tongues. We should use that word or sound and use silence to let that sound expand because that is the personal way the Holy Spirit is giving His gift. Often praying in Tongues develops the cadence of a language.

And yes, we can tell the Holy Spirit what we want to pray. Sometimes our prayer can be sheer joy. Sometimes our prayer can be the confusion of our lives. Sometimes our prayer can be “Here I am, Lord.” And yes, praying in Tongues can be in the middle of a formal prayer or in the middle of thinking about God. Often, a few minutes of praying in Tongues is used as a preparation for prayer. Praying in Tongues is better than road rage.

One last thought. The gift of praying in Tongues is a permanent gift of the Holy Spirit. It is up to the individual to use it or not use it. The gift of the Rosary is a permanent gift. It is up to the individual to use it or not use it. We exercise our freedom. That in itself is a gift.

I remember that I suddenly felt a strong flow inside and an urge to say certain words. I didn’t say them out loud, just kept repeating them in my mind. It was a very powerful experience. I never pray in tongues out loud, just mentally.

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