Mentions of The Golden Compass in your parish?

Just wondering if there was any mention of The Golden Compass in your parishes yet? Our pastor put some things about it in our bulletin opposing it :thumbsup: and there was a meeting after Mass for those who wanted to be informed about the dangers of it. Did anyone have anything similar happen?

The CCD and parish school kids all got a letter about it signed by our Catholic school board president. There was also a blurb against it in the bulletin. Nothing in the homily, which I think is appropriate.

There was a blurb in our bulletin against it. Also our pastor mentioned it at Mass (don’t recall if it was during the homily or at another time)

We’re holding a Life Night on the movie tonight for our high school teens, and I put an announcement about it in the bulletin, which clearly stated the atheistic motives of the author of the books on which the movie is based. Our deacon also but a little blurb in the bulletin and placed copies of the article from at all the church entrances.:smiley:

I requested that a notice be placed in our school newsletter, but unfortunately our school principle felt it was more “enlightened” to simply state that there is “much controversy” surrounding this movie and providing a link to the unfortunate movie review on the USCCB site. I think I would have preferred it if he has simply ignored the issue all together:blush:


Both my children brought home letters (from our Catholic school) warning us about the movie/books. It was a letter copied from an e-mail from the head of the vicariate, so I think all the Catholic schools in the vicatiate got it.

I don’t recall hearing about the movie in particular in a homily but it has been alluded to ie: the secular culture/media portraying Christianity in a bad light.

:thumbsup: The director of our PSR program sent a letter home with all of the kids.

Our parish had an article on it in the bulletin.

Our parish had something in the bulletin about it.

Well at the end of his homily our Priest made a comment about it. He started by saying that when he met Msgr. in the kitchen of the Rectory for coffee, Msgr. had just read something on the internet about how the movie wasn’t doing well at the box office and I let out a whoop of excitement:o.

He did warn about giving money to these people - the author, producer etc. and pointed out how he can’t sit outside our doors and stop us from going to the movie but that we have now been warned about it.

We are a mission Parish having Mass in the Parish school’s Chapel, they are having their book fair right now - none of the posters they had up had the Golden Compass on them, made me very happy.

Brenda V.

Our DRE has been emailing info about it for a few weeks. And, it seems I heard something about the Catholic League asking for boycot on a National Public Radio story.

Archdiocese of Denver’s Archbishop Chaput had this to say:

"It’s long, complicated, and despite a very gifted supporting cast and wonderful special effects, the story is finally lifeless. Much of the movie takes place in the polar north, and the iciness of the setting is a perfect metaphor for the chilly, sterile spirit at the heart of the story. Anyone expecting a playful children’s fantasy would do well to look elsewhere. There is nothing remotely “playful” about this movie.

As many readers will already know, Philip Pullman is an atheist, and “The Golden Compass” — the first book in his trilogy “His Dark Materials” — is a calculated counter-story to Christian-based fantasies like “The Lord of the Rings” and “Narnia.” “The Golden Compass” takes place in a parallel world similar to earth, but dominated by a sinister quasi-religious authority known as the Magisterium. This powerful elite seeks to “protect” people — for their own good — by shielding them from scientific knowledge, represented by the movie’s mysterious cosmic dust and a truth-telling piece of technology called an “alethiometer” (or golden compass). More specifically, the Magisterium abducts young children and literally kills their souls, thereby extinguishing the spirit of free thought and inquiry."

Our priest talked about not to support it and go and support Bella instead. (since the Golden Compass and Bella made it to our area on Dec. 7th) :thumbsup:

No mention in the parish. I can’t speak for the school; we don’t have kids there.

However, there was a big negative writeup in the diocesan paper, with a warning from our new Bishop Robert Baker. Our shepherd is on the ball. :smiley:

AB-SO-LUTELY ! And I was glad to hear a priest stand at the pulpit and make a point about it - big time ! I also think putting it in the bulletin sounds like an excellent idea - that printed word gets around for a week or so.

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