Menu for my Favorite Saints

If you could invite your five favorite saints to dinner, what would you serve them to eat, and why?

Favorite Saints: Jesus, Our Lady, St. Matthew, Abraham and Adam

What would you serve them: Turkey, and lots of Water (read Canada) and perhaps later some Beer.


Well who wouldn’t want Jesus and Mary at the dinner table! St. Matthew for obvious reasons (my name). I chose Abraham as I would like to know how he had found the courage to haggle with God re. Sodom and Gomorrah about finding 10 just people from originally saying 50. Finally I chose Adam to chastise him (*grin) for eating that darn apple and getting us in the mess that we are in!! I choose beer as they probably have never had beer while on earth and I doubt that God serves it up there in Heaven!!!

Jesus being God incarnate isn’t a Saint:p

‘Saint’ simply comes from the Latin meaning ‘Holy’ - can be applied to non-humans (the Holy Spirit, the Bible) as well as persons - I think we can safely refer to Jesus as Holy.

On to the question - I’d invite the Blessed Mother and St Joseph, St Francis of Assisi, St Thomas More (good sense of humour) as well as St Teresa of Avila (also a great sense of humour). I’d have to add my mum though, she’d be seriously miffed if I didn’t invite her too :slight_smile:

What would I serve? Spanish tapas goodies for starters (in honour of St Teresa) - olives, chorizo sausage and cured ham, marinated roast capsicum and artichokes in olive oil.

First course would be Italian for St Francis - a nice pasta. Main course all Biblical - roast lamb (with vegetables), flat bread and bitter herbs (meaning a nice salad with some raddichio lettuce which is very slightly bitter).

Dessert? An English trifle and fruit mince pies for St Thomas - and a platter of English cheeses for those who aren’t fond of sweets.

Then the best Italian coffee and some of the almond cookies called mostaccioli that St Francis supposedly asked for on his deathbed.

Plenty of good wine from every country, and I really think they did know of beer in the Holy Land - the Egyptians and Sumerians certainly had it and it’s not like Israel didn’t have grain to brew it with.

Five of my favorite saints are:
Ezekiel-anything that doesn’t involve barley, millet, spelt, wheat, lentils, beans and cow dung.

Brother Juniper (St. Francis’ Disciple, so-called Jester of the Lord)-Pig’s foot.:wink:

Moses-I don’t know what to serve him but I do know that a calf is a no-no. :smiley:

Ignatius Loyola-Spanish cuisine; followed by some Spiritual Exercises afterwards.

Dominic-Hotdogs and frankfurters, perhaps?

Dunno that the father of the dogs of God would be too fond of hot dogs though.

Yep, that’d be like inviting St. Lawrence for grilling parties, offering St. Joan barbecue meat or giving St. John deep-fried potatoes, now that you said it. :smiley:

What an interesting thought.

The guest list would probably be Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. St Therese, St Anthony of Padua, St Jude, St Josemaria Escriva, and Pope John Paul II. My dad and my grandma too.

The menu is what was making me really think because right now if I was sitting in a restaurant that had a menu that included everything, I would have no idea what I wanted to eat. So, instead I am thinking about what I would enjoy cooking, what is fresh and good and that I think everyone would enjoy. So, I think we will start with bruschetta since it is summer. Then I think some chicken stuffed with lots and lots of garlic and rosemary and grilled over some charcoal and some hickory. I would make potatoes anna and some asparagus too. Blackberry cobbler for dessert. Although since my grandma would be there, she would no doubt be in the kitchen making lots and lots of pies. We would eat outside under the arbor, and I think being a festive occasion, we would have prosecco to drink in short little water cups.

A nice thought. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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