Mercenaries sometimes don't survive!

i would love to see who has been donating to his challenger.

I would think you would be more concerned with who isnt voting for him…its a primary, and when his own party rejects him, it will be a sign of things to come in the midterms…but im sure the excuse will be that Mueller tampered with the election! LOL

You know, this is a matter of public record

thanks for that info.
since you seem to know so much, what is actblue?

ActBlue is a nonprofit technology organization established in June 2004 that enables Democrats, progressive groups, and nonprofits to raise money on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software. Its stated mission is to “empower small-dollar donors.”

Although scary to the Trump base, nothing sinister…but i’m sure it will be used as another baseless conspiracy theory.

why are so many donations coming from

Probably because Nunes made a name for himself in his committee work and attracted people from all over the country who want him out.

I suspect they’re coming through ActBlue rather than from ActBlue, but hopefully someone will correct me if I’m wrong.


Its because America has figured out that the only thing that empowers Trump is a Republican controlled legislature, who’s majority support him so they do not lose the status quo of his power.

And, Actblue donors realize if they separate the head from the body, the head will no longer have power.

The Actblue model could be counter if the diehard Trump supporters started their own funding; but the truth is Trumpsters are dedicated spokesmen for their hero, but are not committed enough to fund a counter challenge to Actblue.

So, instead, they will be left with the head of their cause separated from the power of its body, and be left with only the claims that the system is rigged.

In my own humble opinion, the only ones still on the Trump bandwagon are the gullible that he played.

I don’t think the goal of Actblue is impeachment, I think the supporters would be satisfied with making Trump a lame duck coming out of the 2018 election, buying their time, and being satisfied with Trump being irrelevant for the remaining two years of his term until he retires into the dumpster of American History.

But, thanks for asking!

so is actblue funded by George Soros?
who are actblue donors? I thought it was a company.

that means he must be doing a good job!

Lol…knew it wouldnt take time for the conspiracy theory…but regardless if Republican voters are swayed by expensive ads, whst does that say about their intelligence or commitment?

Are you kidding? Do you really think anyone or anything that has anything to do with the Democratic Party, or who isn’t wildly enthusiastic about Donald Trump, is in the pay of George Soros?

Good Lord. Really, this must be a joke.

CAF Godwin’s Law strikes again.

Also, if you want to know what ActBlue is, and who’s behind it, you have this wonderful thing at your disposal called the Internet. As has been pointed out to you above, campaign contributions are a matter of public record. Go right ahead and see if you can find George Soros’ name there anywhere.

Right. Your logic is impeccable. If huge numbers of people all over the country want this guy gone, that just proves that he’s doing a good job.

I fear for this country. Really.

i haven’t heard of huge numbers of Americans wanting him gone unless it is the democrats and i can understand why
they want him gone.

i have been gone most of the evening and haven’t had time to do any googling. now that i am home i intend to do some research.

I had been under the impression that thread titles based on articles had to reflect the article’s title. Seems not the case with this thread. Seems like the OP simply wanted to call Nunes a nasty name and took the occasion to do it. The article itself says nothing about Nunes being a “mercenary”.

so have any of you used Actblue to make donations?
why doesn’t Actblue have to show the name of the person making the donation?

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