Mercury Linked to Homosexuality in Birds

This is about a 2010 study at the University of Florida but it is interesting in light of the recent “gay marriage” court rulings and laws making it illegal to try to change sexual orientation.

Study Title: Altered pairing behaviour and reproductive success in white ibises exposed to environmentally relevant concentrations of methylmercury

( You can understand that I did not use that for the title of this discussion!)

Excerpt from the abstract:
" Here, we report that experimental exposure of an aquatic bird over 3 years to environmentally relevant dietary methymercury concentrations… resulted in dose-related increases in male–male pairing behaviour (to 55% of males)…"

Articles commenting on this paper:

Is the politicization of the “homosexual marriage” debate keeping science from possibly helping these people?

Good luck getting research money to study it!

Would it be illegal in some states to attempt a mercury detox protocol such as Cutler’s that intends to remove Hg from the brain because it is illegal to try to change a person’s sexual orientation?!

The adult autism community would be a good place for a study… One theory is that organic mercury in flu and other vaccines is a contributing factor in autism spectrum disorders–cf Dr Boyd Haley, Dr Andrew Cutler, Dr Amy Holmes.

If you think that theory was debunked, a whistle blower from the CDC recently admitted that they cooked the books.

Also chelation/detox was the highest rated intervention in a survey of 20,000+ parents of kids with autism and aspergers by the Autism Research Institute.

Liberals like to present themselves as protectors of science and free thinking; however, they seem to be better at protecting their own interests.

The Truth will set you free–cf Jn 8:32

Hopefully some scientist will be courageous enough to look for it.

I’ve been saying this about Fluoridated drinking water and Fluoridated toothpaste for over a decade.

Interesting that this is the first study that allowed the birds to pick their mates.
Had they allowed that in earlier studies, instead of pairing male and female, I wonder how many would have naturally picked a same-sex partner?

One sentence I don’t understand:
Within dosed groups, homosexual males showed a similar reduction when compared with dosed heterosexual males.

So they dosed some males that were already homosexual?

Another thing I am not clear on: did the study find that female birds paired up with other female birds? Or did the choosing of mates only change for the males?

According to the study…the mercury temporarily affected the estrogen in both males and females.

The doctors say this study had no ramifications for humans.
But I wonder if a study like this on people could really support and prove the belief that homosexuality is indeed biological?


Interesting, to be sure. Yes, I was playing a song right as I was reading this which happened to be repeating the phrase, “Got to find a remedy”. :wink:

Wouldn’t it be great if they actually could find a remedy?

Not a recent news story, at least not with current thread title

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