Mercy in Judaism


I understand that Justice and Mercy are important in both Christianity and Judaism, and I am familiar with the Catholic emphasis on Mercy. Could anyone explain the role of mercy in Judaism?



The Google search engine is a valuable tool in helping to
find websites that discuss this topic. There are some
wonderful websites devoted to Judaism, the sacred texts
of Judaism. If you can locate one of these sites that
has a search feature within the site, this may help.
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Well i’ll just straight-out recommend a site.
This is to Judaism what :bowdown:[/font]CatholicExchange is to Catholicism!!:smiley:
It has tons of articles and daily-updated content from many rabbis and lay-persons. Best of all it is Orthodox. If you go to a Reform or even Conservative Jewish site, keep in mind that their whole approach to Judaism is very much like the liberal/mainline Protestants’ approach to Christianity.:nope:

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