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So I read today for the first time about the Eucharistic miracle that occurred in Buenos Aires in 1996. This miracle was thoroughly documented and well-researched by independent scientists.

Now, operating on the assumption that the Host in this case is now the corporeal, bleeding heart tissue of Our Lord (and I am, of course), and is apparently genetically identical to the same heart tissue from the Miracle at Lanciano in the 8th century, doesn’t this mean that we have access to the DNA of Christ?

That seems to be the implication- I mean, according to the linked article, a number of forensic tests were performed on the tissue anyway; it doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch to analyze and record the particular DNA in full. That would mean that, contained in the cells of these miraculous hosts is the complete genetic information of Our Lord. I would think that that means it is theoretically possible to truly know what His holy face looked like, etc.

It’s strange to think about, but as a Chemistry student I couldn’t help but contemplate the implications.

Pax Christi!

Sounds reasonable. Do the various blood samples all ahave the same type?

God bless.

From this article:

According to Thomas Aquinas, in the case of extraordinary Eucharistic Miracles in which the appearance of the accidents are altered, this further alteration is not considered to be transubstantiation, but is a subsequent miracle that takes place for the building up of faith. Nor does the extraordinary manifestation alter or heighten the presence of Christ in the Eucharist, as the miracle does not manifest the physical presence of Christ: “in apparitions of this sort. . . the proper species [actual flesh and blood] of Christ is not seen, but a species formed miraculously either in the eyes of the viewers, or in the sacramental dimensions themselves…”

In other words, while the accidents of bread and wine might miraculously change into flesh and blood, the flesh and blood isn’t that of Jesus.

Last Easter there was a TV program based on the Holy Shroud --a subject which has been considered both real and a fraud at different time. ANYWAY, using a 3D scanner, some scientists used the shroud to form an image of Jesus’ face. It was interesting—even more so when I began to do some on line research and discovered that the blood type of the shroud exactly matches the 2 hosts you speak of. Look it up on your search engine.

i don’t think so, a good deal of our appearance comes from our environment any clone of our jesus would likely look diiferent from our lord, especially considering the clone would likely not have the benefit of being born as light passes through a pane of glass.

I in no way endorse cloning our lord, or human experimentation in general, and trying to clone our Lord just out of curiosity would be a grave evil.

i disagree with saint thomas. in lanciano, the priest sadd the transformation occured as he performed the consecration. in argentina, a consecrated host was found in the back of the church. the consecrated host transformed after the father lefr in the tabernacle to dissolve. i don’t think that the substance changed, it is still the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord, just with the accident of fleshiness rather than breadiness.

In other words, while the accidents of bread and wine might miraculously change into flesh and blood, the flesh and blood isn’t that of Jesus.

I hope this isn’t the case. If the complete DNA of Our Lord is there, then they can clone Him. It is extremely irreverent and the subject of a few horror movies. A Christ who is not the Christ might be the Antichrist. However, I will stay optimistic.

Is the Eucharistic Miracle in Buenos Aires approved by the Catholic Church or not? I’ve read that it is and read that it isn’t.

I dont know if it has been recognized by the Church or not.
I am trying to find out where to get reliable info to share.
So far I have found none stating it has neither in English nor local websites.

Somehow I just feel that if man tried such a thing as cloning Jesus, that God would stop it—though who knows?

I phoned the Parrish and they said it did happen. First hand.
They tell me it is recognized by the Church and it was the Bergoglio himself who moved investigation which was taken to Ratzinger. Extraordinary events like this are dealt with at a local Archbishop level.
I live here and I should explain this using accurate words so what I will do is attend one of their monthly talks to tell you whatever there is to share with accuracy.
Please forgive my lack of proper wording in this particular post. This phone call has deeply impacted me.
But yes to both: it did really take place and has been recognized.
God bless you all.

Thanks Gracie. You said you live there?

Yes,I do.
English is my second language so help me retell things with accuracy next time I post cause I wish this extraordinary event helps us strengthen our faith. If it is God’s will.
God bless you!

The Eucharistic Sign( this is the way this event is referred to as) took place in 1992,1994 and 1996 .

This is the Parrish : Santa Maria
Address: Avda. La Plata 286, 1184 Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is their web page.

Or www.parroquiasantamarí

“We hope this sign is to others what is has been to us: a way to discover Eucharistic Adoration.”

The Monstrance is a fixed piece in the Adoration Chapel.Behind it, a niche in the wall has been made to hold the Eucharistic Sign and the sacred vessels .

Translation may not be accurate,where you read “Custody” you should understand the Monstrance or Ostensorium.–

I can’t read Spanish, do any of the sections speak about the miracle?

And if so, what does it say?

Never mind, I read the translation…I see the monstrance on the wall, but don’t see the host that turned to flesh. Is it hidden from the public?

Faith, they do not use websites to tell the story of this sign.Only through talks and Adoration in their Parrish.

Here is why,taken from their website in the section Eucharistic Journey.

" On our way to discerning how to narrate the facts,in the year 2010, our Bishop then,Cardinal Bergoglio,guided us saying that " a message is always announced,proclaimed,not advertised " ,“The sublime and the most miserable,is dealt with with modesty”. No doubt those words reaffirmed the narrative form developed in our Parrish"

After their phone call where they said they address the issue only through talks and prayer and Adoration twice a month,they gave me their website to go to. This is what I am doing,sharing their website .
I have used google translate for the second link I posted.
The first one is only meant to provide place, address where the sign took place as to credibility of sources.

I will have to wait for three weeks to go to their talk. And respect the way they believe best to share what has happened.
God bless you.

It is in a niche behind the Monstrance. It is hidden from the public,behind the Blessed Sacrament ,the Real Presence.

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