MERGED: Co-Mingling Holy Water/Blessing multiple things

I heard our priest tell someone, after they asked him to bless the water they poured into the storage font, that it’s already blessed because it was co-mingled with the very min-ute amount of Holy water that was alrady in there. I haven’t heard this before. When I asked him about it later he said it’s a three to one formula. As long as it’s 3 parts water to one part holy water then it all becomes blessed. I said so if I needed a thousand gallons of holy water blessed then theoretically I could start with a gallon and pour it in three gallons at a time and when that becomes holy water pour in three times that amount then three times that amount etc. etc. until all thousand gallons were blessed. He said that was a good point he never thought about it like that before and he’d get back to me. Any one ever hear of this?

This is true, but it’s a bit misunderstood. It’s a rule of thumb to add 1/3 new water to 2/3’s Holy Water. Technically there must be more Holy water present than the amount of new water. Otherwise it all just becomes just common water.

**It’s a rule of thumb to add 1/3 new water to 2/3’s Holy Water. **

In the ten years I served as sacristan I rarely seen this done in the first seven years.
Holy Water in the main font often gets very dirty. More so in warm summer months.
Every week I always poured the dirty Holy water on the front lawn of the Church (“Holy Ground”) to clean the smaller fonts. When it came to the large Main Font I did the same.
I always left a note for the priest or deacon on Saturday before the late afternoon Mass to bless the clean replenished water using the book Rite of Baptism I set aside for them.

I do know in some parishes they use blessed Holy salt in the font which preserves the freshness of the blessed Holy water longer. In some cities in the older sections, the underground infrastructure of fresh water pipes get rusty as seen in my parish even with water filters the quality of water remains poor, which requires frequent changing and cleaning of Holy water fonts on a weekly basis.

But, my example still applies. No matter how much Holy water there is I can always make as much holy water as need just pour little amounts at a time until that becomes Holy water and then keep going.

My only question would be is how long (“given a time frame”) does one keep pouring little amounts of water in the font on a weekly basis does Holy Water remain just that “Holy Water” I mean does one do this until the next Easter Vigil?

Nothing personal or disrespectful but I’ve seen this type of repeated practice turn into a liturgical abuse as if no priest or deacon is required to bless the holy water font.

Repeated refilling of water into the same Holy Water font months on end will eventually dilute and make the Holy water ineffectual as a sacramental.

It is really not intended to provide a perpetual supply of Holy Water. It really intended to
help you out until you can replenish your supply from the parish supply.

Hi again,

I would like to ask, how does one multiply blessed sacramentals, such as Holy water, oil, or blessed candles (not sure candles can be multiplied, but thought I’d add that anyway)?

I’m assuming Holy water or Holy oils (such as blessed or healing oils) can be multiplied simply by dilution with more water or oil, but is there some limit to the ratio of dilution?

Is there somewhere I can read more about this subject? I can’t seem to find any info by searching the Net.

This question has come up before. For example:

The consensus seems to be that if the amount added is less than the amount present, it remains holy water.

But frankly, this seems silly to me. If you run low on holy water, why not just get more?

Thank you for the answer. It’s a little difficult for me to get to any place near enough that would have holy water, I live up in the boonies. And then, with the blessed / holy oils, there are a few I have received that would be in short supply, and I would feel reluctant to make repeated requests and make myself a nuisance (for example, healing oil from several churches where statues have reportedly bled this oil, and is reputed to have healing capabilities. Or things such as water from Lourdes or Fatima, etc.)

My thought was that any amount of the blessed water / oil would sanctify any additions to it. I suppose in absence of any hard rules, it’s more about the act of faith involved, rather than any transmutation that takes place by the act of blessing the item.

I know this is an old thread, but… Did you ever get an answer from your priest? I am interested to know if one can in fact continually multiply blessed sacramentals in this way.

I assume in the face of necessity (eg, not being able to obtain more directly from a church or priest, for whatever reason, distance too far to travel, etc.), it’s the act of faith (the blessing passed into the water) that’s most important.

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