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Hi. I’m a neophyte so pls be patient with me. I began the Divine Mercy devotion on Good Friday. I would like to know more about the mass for this day. Is there a general confession the congregation takes part in before the Eucharist? Or does one make a special appointment with the priest for the sacrament of confession on Divine Mercy Sunday? Thank you

Hi Dundee,

General confession is not the normal way to have sins forgiven. Catholics generally have access to the Sacrament of Confession at regular times (Saturday afternoon being the most common), or at anytime you can ask an available priest. Our parish had special confession times during Holy Week; perhaps this Saturday’s confession would be extended where you are? Your parish probably has a web site, or you can call.

Sacramental confession is generally only strictly necessary for serious (mortal) sins, or once a year. But it’s good to go more often. Once monthly is a traditional schedule, but I must confess (no pun intended :wink: ) that I don’t get there so often since I have charge of my kids all day on most Saturdays.

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In the celebrations I’ve always been to it has worked like this.

There are usually a couple of priests hearing confessions at various places in the church. During the time for confession (1pm to 2pm or 2:30pm) folks sit and pray, say the rosary, chaplet, venerate the Divine Mercy image, etc while others go to confession. Sometimes the blessed sacrament is also exposed for adoration, devotion and prayer.

Between 2:30pm and 3pm there is a reading of portions of St Faustina’s diary. Following that at 3pm the Chaplet is said (at the hour of mercy). Then individual prayer and devotions continue, as do the confessions. And adoration as well.

I’m not sure if there are actual masses that incorporate this, I’ve only been to the celebrations.

That being said, usually the lines for confession are outrageous. You can go to confession the day before and still meet the criteria for the indulgences. That’s what I try to do.

Thank you so much. Your comments have been most helpful :slight_smile:
Hope y’all have a wonderful week!

Just a question.

If I go to Mass of Saturday after 4pm will this satisfy the obligation for going to Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday, or do I need to actually go on Sunday?


I am not sure that a nuptial Mass or a funeral qualifies for the Sunday Mass, simply because it is on Saturday afternoon. It should be an anticipated Saturday or Holiday mass, (with the exception of the Holy Saturday Vigil Mass)

I am not sure what you are saying. I only want to know if I can satisfy for the graces of Divine Mercy Sunday by attending the Mass on Saturday after 4pm, or if I would have to actually go to Mass on Sunday, in this case, to obtain the graces associated with it.


He/she was giving you the answer. If the Mass is a Saturday anticipation Mass, yes.

So, an anticipated Mass doesn’t fulfill the obligation as it does for typical weeks?

This is a good question. I mean this Saturday will coincide with the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. If I go to mass on a sat (an anticipated mass), will it not satisfy the criterion for the indulgence?

Yes, a Saturday evening anticipated Mass fulfills the obligation to attend Sunday Mass, just like on every other week.

[quote=lakotak]I only want to know if I can satisfy for the graces of Divine Mercy Sunday by attending the Mass on Saturday after 4pm, or if I would have to actually go to Mass on Sunday, in this case, to obtain the graces associated with it.

This is a different question than the “obligation.” There is no obligation to fulfill any sort of Divine Mercy devotion. I don’t know the answer to whether an anticipated Mass would satisfy such a devotion, but I do want to assure people that it does satisfy the basic obligation to attend Mass on Sunday.

Go on BOTH days! :slight_smile:

Yes, I realize that it fulfills the Sunday obligation. I used the incorrect words, but I was questioning specifically the PP that posted, “Sunday.” only.

Hate to be picky but somebody mentioned that Our Lady of Fatima was being celebrated this Sunday. My calendar says its on May 13th, which is a Friday.

Yes it is the 13th as this was the first day of the apparitions.

Weird. I searched the net and found out that the feast of Fatima is on May 13th, why is our community celebrating it this Sunday?

I could understand them moving it a day or two so it doesn’t clash with the Feast of Mercy but that is very far from the 13th.

I couldn’t find anything as to why it is that day for you.

Everything was the 13th of May.

1917 - First visitation.
1981 - John Paul II was shot.
1989 - John Paul II called two of them Venerable.
2000 - John Paul II called them Blessed.

There are others too.

You can celebrate it in your heart and thank Our Lady for saving Pope John Paul II’s life 30 years ago this year.

Maybe it was a mistake? This Sunday will also be the May crowning in parishes that choose to practice this tradition, so maybe they meant to put that but slipped up because of it’s close proximity to the feast of Our Lady of Fatima?

Even if the Mass has no mention of Divine Mercy or a image?

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