MERGED: Does Hell exist today?

Does hell exist today?

Um…yes? :confused:

What’s the question exactly?

Existentially speaking, if you exist to ask the question, so also does hell exist to claim you. Happily, the converse is also true regarding heaven.

Hell exists in a spiritual state now, and will exist physically at the end of time.

List of references to hell in Holy Scripture (KJV):

I hope this helps.

You betcha!


I almost thought you were posting a link to the supposed audio of the “well to hell” :stuck_out_tongue: Something which has been exposed as an urban legend both by religious folk…and the people who started it.

Good grief - Man - that thing is scary! You had to go show me that, and now I’ll be sleeping with the light on. Mine is better to dance to :slight_smile:

That’s nothing. I once listened to the account of visitations to hell by Bill Wiese and Mary K. Baxter…while on Tylenol PM’s. Suffice to say I was shivering in bed all night.

Right now I’m watching a documentary on the exorcism of Anneliese Michel. That might or might not be a good move.

I saw something on that. It’ll probably keep you up at night. Avoid rich foods before bed and you might catch a few winks here and there. :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of magazine articles that can be scary, but ultimately edifying and confidence inspiring on the subject of hell and the demonic:

I have read that a young man once told Saint Padre Pio that he didn’t believe in hell. The saint told him not to worry; he would when he got there. :eek:

don’t understand the question
Hell exists for all eternity as does heaven

Honestly, that is a bizarre question! Of course it does and always will. You can not believe in heaven if you do not believe in hell, unless you believe everyone goes to heaven regardless of their mortal lives (in which case, you would certainly be wrong).

I gotta remember that quote.

Hell isn’t something that goes away and expires. It was around day one, was around during the time of Christ, and is there today, will be here for eternity after today and on and on…and I get a little glimpse of what it’s like sitting through staff meetings at work :p:eek:

Funny, I got a glimpse of what it looked like watching “Spice World”…

BTW, I ended up watching two things on Anneliese Michel. Why do I do this before going to bed? :doh2:

You a masochist or did one of your sisters make you watch it? :smiley:

The latter.

Being born with two younger sisters has led me to many horrors that would make the devil feel sympathetic. :frowning: :eek: :frowning:

Maybe the OP is alluding to one of the beliefs (heresy?) out there that Hell doesn’t exist or empty right now and won’t have “resident” until the Final Judgment.

How are you born with two younger sisters? One would think they’d come along later. :smiley:

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