MERGED:Does your parish offer the cup to the congregation at Communion?

It seems to be an inconsistent practice.

Every Sunday and Holy Days,except for during flu season.

In Wisconsin, yes… every Mass :thumbsup:

Since moving here to Brazil, no… :frowning:

I realize that its not strictly necessary, but I think it is important and because something is lost in translation (maybe).

My wife told me its probably more of a financial reason here (and illness spreading).

Yes, we have 6 EMHC who offer the Precious Blood at each of the 9 Masses; 3 on Sat & 6 on Sun. Also for Holy Days.

In my diocese, almost always, including Daily Mass.

Not at regular Sunday or weekday Masses. But we do for special occasions. :thumbsup:

We attend Sunday Mass at our parish church, where the chalice of the Sacred Blood is also offered. I stopped receiving it several years ago during the flu season, and have never resumed. Since both the Precious Body and Blood are present in both species, I don’t see the need.

I attend weekday Mass at another church since I’m not a good enough Catholic to get up for the 6:45 a.m. Mass in my church. Although I know they offer the chalice separately on Sundays, they use intinction during the weekday Masses. If you want to receive both species, you receive directly on your tongue and not in your hand.

Yes, every Mass at all 4 churches I regularly attend.

trial members cannot vote on polls, but,


sorry for the shouting.

At all Sunday & Holy Day of Obligation Masses as well as at the Masses for All Saints, All Souls & the Mass of the Lord’s Supper.

It was stopped once, during the H1N1 panic, but the Bishop called for it to be reinstated as soon as the risk was over. I’d say about 25% of communicants receive from the Cup.

No for me. Most parishes in my diocese do not. There are some that do. My general preference is to receive under the species of wine as well, when offered, but I don’t really “go out of my way” so to speak to receive it.

The reasons some parishes don’t are entirely logistical - which I respect. I guess you could say I don’t feel overly strong one way or the other about it.

Yes, at all masses including daily mass. Last year at the height of flu season it was not offered but that was temporary.

Yes. And most parishes I’ve been too offer the Precious Blood. And I think it’s good for the parishioners, especially for those who suffer from celiac disease (for many, even the “low gluten” hosts have too much gluten). I receive under both kinds, but for those who cannot receive the host, offering the cup is, for them, an act of compassion - because without it, they cannot receive the Eucharist at all.

Why would “Precious Blood” have you think otherwise?


Always in the UK, never here in Italy (in my experience of various Italian churches). The other week a couple celebrated their wedding at the usual Sunday Mass at my own church (it’s commonplace to do that here), and they were offered the Chalice. Otherwise, it’s only the priest and (if he’s there) the deacon who partake.

There don’t seem to be any EMHC here, so there would be no-one to assist the priest.

I just wanted to say that “inconsistent” isn’t a bad thing when it is an optional practice. Different diocese have different guidelines and even whole countries’ conferences of bishops have made different determinations. It’s good that this is something that is being given careful consideration and not just done automatically.


Yes. At every Mass, no matter the day of the week.

Why do you have such an issue with “Precious Blood”?

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