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Has anyone read the newest Jack Chick comic?

The tract itself is hilarious in its silliness, but it, like all Jack Chick tracts, are depressing because so many people are deceived by them.

Basically, an 8-year old boy finds out there’s no Santa Claus, commits some “terrorist act” and thinks that Jesus is a fairy tale, too.

Notice the people that are listed as being evil along with him (some are evil, of course): Osama bin Laden, Muslims, Wiccans, Communists, Chinese Politicians, and archeologists. Also, it is implied that the boy and his family are Catholic.

[SIGN]How long, O Lord, how long?[/SIGN]


There’s no Santa Clause?:confused:

Just kidding. All his stuff is hilarious. It still amazes me how anyone with half a brain believes anything the man says. (no offense Jack; if your watching)


That’s :eek: creepy…Most of the Chick stuff is just laughable, but that is genuinely creepy. The ravings of a:bigyikes: sick mind.
That’s over the line even for Chick.:nope: :nope:



Poor Jack…

That stuff is just stupid!

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When we lived in Raleigh, North Carolina, the owner of the local Christian radio station took at least one hour of air time every Christmas season to give his sermon called, “Why I Don’t Teach My Children To Believe in Santa Claus.”

He did the whole thing–Santa is “Satan” rearranged, etc.

So it’s not just Jack T. Chick that believes this.

I must say this, though–my husband and I did NOT teach our kids to believe in Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and all the rest. We taught them that “we PRETEND that there’s a Santa, etc.”

This way, they still had the joy of the childhood experiences, but never once did we teach them that the characters in these experiences are true.

We taught them, even while we were Protestant, that St. Nicholas was a real man and that we honor his memory with Santa Claus.

This approach “We pretend” really worked well and I highly recommend it. I have a problem with teaching children that fairy tales are true. I don’t see why parents do this. I know that most children eventually realize that it’s all a myth and get over it without becoming a terrorist, but for many, that is a very sad time in their lives. Our kids never experienced that sadness. We STILL pretend that there’s a Santa and an Easter bunny, etc., even though they’re grown up now. It’s STILL fun!

It certainly didn’t hurt their creativity and imagination. My older daughter grew up and decided to make the world of the imagination her livelihood. She earned a theater degree and works as a stage manager at a professional ballet company, and they present a lot of “fairy tales!” Seventeen performances of “The Nutcracker,” and also touring performances. Last year she told us that she still cries everytime she brings the Nutcracker to life (she has to do the “special backstage effect” that turns him from a toy into the Prince). She just loves this fairy tale.

If you are a young parent trying to decide what to do about Santa and Co., try our approach–“We pretend.” It worked really well, you still have the fun of hanging stockings, putting out 7up and cookies, strewing reindeer turds on the sidewalk, etc. No heartbreaking “revelations,” and you won’t have to worry about your kid becoming a terrorist!


I took a different approach.

I told my children there really is a Santa Claus. (Yes, Virginia! There is a Santa Claus!)

However, all I said was that Santa brought them presents after they fell asleep on Christmas Eve. I never said anything about reindeer, the North Pole, or a man in a red suit.

When my older daughter got to the age when she was questioning it all, I took her aside and explained. You see, I have a policy that I never lie to my children, ever. So I explained that she was old enough to know more about Santa. I told her Santa Claus is anyone who gives a present anonymously, without expecting a thank-you. In fact, she and her sister had been Santa themselves when we gave presents for our local Angel Tree. I then invited her to be Santa with us that Christmas Eve. After her sister fell asleep, she could help fill the stockings.

Well, she absolutely loved it! Nowadays, they’re both teens, and they take turns being Santa and the Easter Bunny.

Do I believe in Santa Claus? I will as long as there are folks who give presents anonymously, especially to charities, every Christmas.


That tract is one of the weakest pieces of “evangelistic literature” I have ever seen. The whole concept is demented if you look at it rationally. Only Chick would publish such a warped piece of trash.

Worse yet is the fact that he espouses the real myths of Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide. How must people feel when they finally see the error of these teachings?

Oh wait! I am one of those people! As my testimony tells… and it’s why I post the way I do.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.


That stuff is plain old goofy!:smiley:


He’s got a typo on the last page. There’s a quote of Acts 16:31 that reads, “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved…”

Think I should let them know or is that business as usual?


Talk about viewing the inner workings of a diseased mind…

And I especially “like” the tactic of telling the one you are evangelizing that only a fool would believe what they believe. I bet that’s real effective. Makes me wonder if they even care about actually evangelizing, or whether their whole goal is to be seen in their own world as the most righteous of the righteous.


the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved…"

Think I should let them know or is that business as usual?That’s not a typo…he’s quoting the King James Version.
31: And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.


I’ve never really been sure how to approach the whole Santa/tooth fairy/etc. thing with my (hopeful) future children, and this sounds like a great idea. Thanks! :slight_smile:

As for the tract, I see Chick is apparently back to doing the art himself, and is in his usual fine form both with that and the plot and dialogue. This one’s up there with the Vatican supercomputer (containing the names of all bible-believing Christians, who will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes) but falls a little short of ‘Dark Dungeons’.

He had a very talented artist for a while, what happened to that guy?


Really? Thats very strange to me. “Believe on the Lord”, kinds makes me think of St. Therese. We all just hop up and rest in His lap.




That was just bad lol

I ran across this one while I was messing around on his Site

Apperntly all us Catholics are going to hell :wink:


Apperntly all us Catholics are going to hell ;)That’s no surprise… but CA has a great response to all this insanity called Chick Tracts


I agree that much of what Jack T. Chick has done is vicious toward Catholics especially.

But I want to tell my story of my personal encounter with Jack T. Chick. I think it’s important that we all remember that he is a human soul, not some kind of monster with a “kick me Catholics” sign taped to his butt.

I grew up as a Conference Baptist (evangelical Protestant).

When I was twelve years old, I loved the television show Dark Shadows, along with millions of other children in the United States. It was a feast for the imagination! My mother loved it, too, BTW, so I wasn’t being a “bad child” to watch it.

Around that time, Jack T. Chick came out with a tract called “Bewitched.” I was shocked to see that on the first page, the devil was watching his favorite television show–you’ve guessed it–Dark Shadows!

I sat down and wrote a thirteen-page letter, in longhand (cursive handwriting) on notebook paper to Mr. Chick, explaining why I, as a young Christian, believed that Dark Shadows would NOT be a show that the devil watched.

I won’t go into all the details, but basically, my arguments revolved around the point that Dark Shadows accurately portrayed good as good and evil as evil, and didn’t try to blur the lines.

I still use this argument when trying to determine the redeeming value of a work of art today.

A few weeks after I wrote Mr. Chick, I received a very nice letter back from him, in long-hand, thanking me for my “missal” and assuring me that he had made a mistake in putting Dark Shadows in the tract. He had meant to use the show Bewitched instead (which, IMO, did blur the lines between good and evil), but his wife had convinced him that Bewitched was so popular that he would cause a lot of controversy if he implied that the devil liked the show. So he decided to go with Dark Shadows which seemed to be more overtly occult.

But then he was barraged from all sides by many others, including his own secretary, who felt as I did, that Dark Shadows was a very good show that portrayed an accurate, although imaginative view, of good and evil, and didn’t glorify the occult or encourage involvement with the occult.

SO–Mr. Chick told me that he was planning on changing his tract, so that the devil’s television show would be Bewitched instead of Dark Shadows.

And he did so!

Although I think you can still find editions of the tract, “Bewitched” that show Dark Shadows, you will also find editions that show Bewitched on the devil’s tv screen.

Mr. Chick continued to correspond with me for a few more months, and then both of us lost track of each other.

He sent me copies of all his tracts and several of his books. That doesn’t sound like a big deal nowadays, but back then, the average allowance for a kid like me was a quarter a week. So getting all those books and tracts for free was a wonderful gift!

And he said I was a good writer. A lot of people have told me that over the years. But he was the first “published” writer, the first “famous” person to tell me that I was a good writer.

It was immensely encouraging to me as a gangly teenager. The next year, I went to middle school and ended up winning many writing awards in my school and in my city.

It’s amazing how an adult’s encouraging words and compliments can lift up a child.

I continued to buy his tracts and books while I was young. During these years, his tracts were not anti-Catholic, but mainly dealt with salvation, End Times, and other doctrines. It wasn’t Catholic theology, but it wasn’t anti-Catholic either.

I still think his tract, “Somebody Loves Me,” is one of the best tracts ever written, and I believe even the most traditional of Catholics would like it. It’s incredibly touching and well-drawn, too. No dialogue.

During this time (the 1970s), Jack T. Chick was respected by evangelicals. He made speaking appearances at churches and conferences and was accepted by evangelicals as a peer–a more colorful peer, perhaps, than the usual missionaries and teachers who didn’t use comic books!–but a peer, nonetheless.

Continued on next post


Continued from last post

But then something happened. I don’t know what happened, but for some reason, Jack T. Chick went on the warpath against Catholics. He started printing tracts and booklets “exposing” Catholicism.

These books turned me off, and many other evangelicals as well. I think they are a little like Ed Woods movies–so incredibly bad that they’re entertaining! I know that some people take them seriously, but I think that many people do not. In fact, I think these tracts actually make it easier for a Catholic to defend their faith because they are so blatently incorrect.

After Mr. Chick started printing these tracts, many evangelical organizations and people distanced themselves from him. I have never seen Mr. Chick speaking at any evangelical conferences since then, and I don’t see his tracts in evangelical churches anymore. I don’t see him lauded by evangelicals at all. In fact, I see him castigated by evangelicals.

I’m sure that this rejection and even ridiculing treatment by evangelicals increased Mr. Chick’s isolation from mainstream Christian teaching, which would result in errors creeping into his theology and eventually full-scale disintegration and development into an “anti-missionary,” a ravenous anti-Catholic who probably turns more people against the Lord than to the Lord.

This is kind of what happened to me and my husband. As long as we “toed the line” and “followed the evangelical rules,” we were accepted. But when we were made to appear as rebels (by a lying woman pastor), we were kicked out and shunned.

I wish I knew what happened in Jack T. Chick’s life to turn him into such a rapid anti-Catholic. I suspect that it was something personal. Have any of you ever been hurt by someone? Even if you get to a point where you forgive them, you never forget, do you? For the rest of your life, whenever you meet up with this person or group of people, you get the shakes and have other physical reactions.

Perhaps Mr. Chick was hurt by a Catholic or group of Catholics. Perhaps–this is just a thought–perhaps a crime was perpetrated against him or his wife or family by a Catholic who in some way used Catholicism to excuse his evil deed. Perhaps on that day, when Mr. Chick was hurt, something in his soul was damaged so badly that he decided to make it a personal mission to destroy the thing that had hurt him.

Obviously it’s irrational behavior bordering on mental illness. But the human mind, when hurt, can do some pretty irrational things, can’t it? Don’t we all at time lash out in an irrational way at those who hurt us?

I honestly think that Mr. Chick deserves more compassion than condemnation. His tracts are hurtful beyond belief, but they’re easy to defend ourselves against compared to a lot of the television shows and books that set out to make Catholics look like total fools and then call us intolerant when we try to defend ourselves against them.

Jack T. Chick tracts are so easy to refute. It’s harder to refute someone like R.C. Sproul, who is incredibly intellectual and can turn even the best Catholic apologist into a mental baby with his vast scope of knowledge.

I would be very curious to know if other Catholics have any personal experiences with Jack T. Chick. Is there a group of Catholics who have personal contact with him on a regular basis? What’s he like in “real-life?” Is there a group of Catholics who are praying for him?

One more thing–I think his creativity is admirable. In the early days of his ministry, he took the gift that God gave him and turned it into unique missionary work that I know helped many people to return to God who would never read a “real” book.

I consider myself a creative person and I have tried to do the same–allow the Lord to use the talents that he has given me to write stories and music. In the last few years, I’ve published skating novels that are not overtly Christian, but have a “God-centered universe” and overtly Christian (including Catholic) characters. This has been a great way to reach out to kids who are often not taught anything about God.

So what am I asking everyone? Of course we should continue to refute the Jack T. Chick anti-Catholic tracts. Those little books have hurt the Church and we need to be prepared to point out all the errors in them to people who thrust them in our faces and call us non-Christians. I would love to see someone publish a "comic book’ in which frame by frame, the errors in Jack T. Chick’s tracts were refuted and documentation given. I would buy such a book!

But remember that the man, Jack T. Chick, is a human being, and once, many years ago, he took the time to respond to a gangly twelve year-old’s thirteen page letter and tell her that she was a “good writer.”


Didn’t you know :wink:

That man is preaching the gospel to you, dude! :rolleyes:


My Bible doesn’t say that. It says

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” St. Ignatius Bible RSV Second Edition.

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