MERGED: Favourite Hymns for Triduum/Easter?

This being Passiontide (Passion Sunday traditionally being the Sunday before Palm Sunday) and with Holy Week approaching I though I’d share a couple of versions of a special hymn that has a really powerful first verse. (See my current signature!)

I’d like to hear what other people love to hear/sing!

My favourite:
O Sacred Head Surrounded
sometimes with different lyrics, the following instrumental being called
O Sacred Head Now Wounded.

After “O Sacred Head Surrounded,” my favorite (guaranteed to make me cry) is

Stabat Mater

Also this one, which I learned when I was stationed in South Carolina,

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord

The Reginator & Peggy in Burien- God bless you for sharing these hymns and songs.

All of these songs and looking at some of the videos they make me feel sad/sorrowful yet at the same time I feel a tremendous amount of joy.

I too like O Sacred Head Surrounded

Pange Lingua

Behold The Wood Of The Cross On Which Hung The Savior Of The World
Good Friday Liturgy

Tantum Ergo
Holy Thursday

Another Liturgical arrangement that’s nice heard sung if the priest doesn’t have a good singing voice is the Exsutet Easter Vigil

The older the Catholic music arrangements the better I like it including Gregorian


This is my all-time favorite

I, also like Peggy’s fav. Stabat Mater.

The You Tube video of the King’s College choir singing Miserere Mei, Deus is one of the best. The young boy that sings the very high parts has an incredible voice.

I love “All Glory, Laud, and Honor” on Palm Sunday. Some other are:

  1. Jesus, Remember Me
  2. Were You There
  3. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
  4. At Her Cross Her Station Keeping (Stabat Mater)
  5. O Sacred Head, Surrounded

Where You There

This music selection sends shivers through me every Good Friday I here it.

Very Reflective.,%20by%20Charles%20Le%20Brun%20(1619-1690).jpg

I just clicked on your link it is so beautiful I put it on my facebook page

WOW! Absolutely beautiful.

Thank You


Oh the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus

This is the last song we sang on Palm Sunday: Jesus Remember Me When You Come into Your Kingdom: Very sweet and simple but powerful.

It’s ridiculously simple but it often brings me to tears…just repeating that line over and over. We sang it during the procession at the end of the Holy Thursday Mass.

I also have a soft spot for “Pie Jesu” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Requiem”. Not necessarily a Holy Week song but they always played it as a meditation after the 8th graders did their “Living Stations” so I’ve always associated it with Good Friday.

I was so excited to find out I am singing “Oh Sacred Head Now Wounded” with the church choir on Good Friday. Yes!

Here are mine:

All Glory, Laud and Honor
At the Name of Jesus (from the Worship III hymnal)
What Wondrous Love Is This
O Sacred Head Surrounded
Where Charity and Love Prevail
Ubi Caritas
Donde Hay Caridad y Amor
Pange Lingua
The Reproaches
Stabat Mater
Jesus Christ is Ris’n Today
Regina Caeli

With all due respect to those who like “Were You There WhenThey Crucified My Lord”; that song is not even a Catholic Hymn. Its origins are Afro-American Spiritual form sometime after the Civil War. Golly, folks with 2000 years of music to choose from ???

The sad thing is that the Church already gives us something sacred to chant on Good Friday: the Reproaches. Sadly, not very many of us will be able to hear/chant them this year.

Wait a minute does it have to be Catholic to be good?

Do you know how many beautiful protestant hymns there are?

As long as it doesn’t go against the Catholic Faith, I don’t see what is wrong with a song commemorating Jesus’ sacrifice.

Palm Sunday, Third Antiphon:

After the Resurrection:

I like Dies Irae. It has more to do about Judgement Day than the Passion, but when you don’t know Latin it really sets the tone for Holy Week when you listen to it :slight_smile:

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