MERGED: Help with Forgotten Sin/Need another confession?


I went to confession this morning with the intention of confessing all venial and mortal sins, including those that I had forgotten to confess and were committed in my childhood. As I said my act of contrition, I just remembered one mortal sin that I forgot to confess. I wanted to confess it, but the priest was already saying the formula of absolution and I did not want to interrupt him because it would be inappropriate of me. Although I did not voluntarily withhold the sin, I am unsure whether I am in a state of grace and permitted to receive Holy Communion.

So basically, am I in a state of grace or should I just abstain from Holy Communion?


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I recently went to confession. While there I confessed to looking at pornography and masturbating. Now usually when I go to confession I have everything rehearsed in my head so that I don’t forget anything, and when I get into the confessional I recite everything formally.

Today, however, the priest was very conversational, so I had a legitimate conversation and confessed that way. It felt more authentic than previous ones. Unfortunately I forget to say that while engaging in the sins mentioned above that I [edited] [had another sin to confess]. Now I don’t know if that is just a given or if I need to formally confess that. I realized I didn’t confess that while the priest was talking and giving me my penance, but I didn’t think it was appropriate to mention it at that point. So my question is if I need to go back to confession to mention that, or if it was forgiven. I appreciate any support. Thanks.


Don’t worry. The Absolution given at the end of your Confession means that all your sins are forgiven - the only exception being if you have intentionally withheld mentioning a serious sin. That obviously was not so in your situation, so you can relax.
God bless you :slight_smile:


You may receive Holy Communion since it would have been wrong to interrupt the formula of absolution. Just mention the sin at your next Confession. :slight_smile:


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