MERGED: Non-Catholic Radio Show/Challenge to Catholics


For those quite astute in Catholicism, here is an invitation to call into a non-Catholic radio show (you may want to read the posts on this particular thread
(Link removed as per CAF policy about board swarms)
Monday through Friday
6-7 pm, Mountain Time
790AM, Boise, Idaho
Streamed at
Call at 208-377-3790
Radio Show Times
Monday through Friday



Ill take a look at that page.


Your post # 1 has been edited due to the inclusion of a request/suggestion for other forum readers/members to visit someone else’s website for the purposes of a potential “Board swarm”.

In an effort to illuminate and explain the Catholic faith, CA makes every effort to provide our participants with a pleasant and informative place on the internet where Catholics and non-Catholics may gather.

It is our hope that respectful dialogue and discussion will lead to better faith understandings. And so in charity, we ask that our forums not be used for encouraging mass visits to other websites. In the past these kinds of efforts, although perhaps well intentioned, leave participants at other websites with negative impressions.

Your cooperation in helping promote these aims of faith exposition, hope for fruitful discussion and charity in implementation are sincerely appreciated.

Michael Francis


I wonder if anyone is interested in taking up the challenge.

(Link removed as per CAF policy about board swarms)

This is the site during the radio show hours.


Note I am not interested in having the forum itself swarmed. I am more interested in people hearing the program and responding.


[size=3]If I did, I’d like to ask him why he continues with this lie on his website. He knows its false!

In “Roman Catholicism” (Link removed as per CAF policy about board swarms) additional books were added in 1546. These books are known as the apocryphal books: Tobit, Judith, 1 and 2 Maccabees, The Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), and Baruch. I need to add here that Roman Catholicism maintains that the apocrypha was always inspired along with the Eastern Orthodox, Coptic and Armenian churches. The Protestant movement has not accepted the apocrypha.

I’ve been on there forums, and its brutal. Not too much charity.



I just wrote on that thread. He is not sincere. I may use that website to sharpen my skill’s at correcting misrepresentation of the Catholic faith though.

Thanks for posting this.


[quote=Superstar905]I just wrote on that thread. He is not sincere. I may use that website to sharpen my skill’s at correcting misrepresentation of the Catholic faith though.

Thanks for posting this.

Good luck and Be carefull. I haven’t gone to the webstie (I have had enough anti-catholicism for a great while) but, if these be the same kind of people that I have run across (which they may not be in which case you can discard what I am saying) they can have an overall negitive effect on you.

But, I shall pray for you.


I took a look at the thread and since two of my biggest crosses to bear are patience and charity, I declined to participate. I used to get upset at these kinds of things, but I came to terms with it by thinking of it in these terms.

Being Catholic, of course we all believe in Satan. Why do you think the Jews have suffered so much and been persecuted so much throughout the course of history ? Simply because they are the people through whom God chose to reveal himself to the rest of the world, and the Devil would love nothing more than for the Israelites to be wiped off the map. Now, why is it, given ALL the different traditions of Christianity (including the Orthodox traditions, which almost parallel Catholicism), only the Catholic church seems to come under such a constant barrage of attack from all fronts (including within) ? I heard it said once in a protestant sermon that if he [the preacher] were Satan, the first thing he would do would be to attack “the church” (used in the protestant understanding). Do you think there is any correlation between these attacks and our conviction that we are the church founded by Christ, containing the full means of salvation, and the fullness of Truth ?


You also need to be careful in how you post to non-Catholics. Any hint of an insult (even if it is not) is not tolerated when done by Catholics. Anti-Catholics can say what they will, but Catholics beware!

How do I know? I was suspended two days ago.



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