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What would you say if I told you that only 30% of modern Catholics believe in the Real Presence? Well, it’s true. A mere 30% of Catholics today believe that the sacrament of Holy Communion is actually Jesus, the Son of God. Many think, “Oh, sure, it’s a symbol of God”. But, no, it’s the real thing. Christ instituted the sacrament of Holy Communion in order to remain with us until the end of time (Jn 14:18). He intended us to believe in Him and, doing so, eat His Body and drink His Blood so that our life would be eternal. If we do not believe, we are not fulfilling His plan. Furthermore, the deeper our trust in this Presence, the more surely we will be saved; the more surely we will be sanctified; and the more effectively – beyond our wildest dreams -

Please pray for those who do not believe so that the Holy spirit may give them the great joy of acknowledging the real Presence of God all Mighty in the Eucharist

God Bless

Start at the bottem of this page on my blog I did an appology on the Eucharist

I am not surprised by this statistic. I’m very saddened by it but not surprised. There has been a breakdown in teaching and leadership for several years. Things have been slowing turning for the better – but yes, we have a lot to pray for. Many Catholics are living in a serious state or error. Many are not interested in learning the truth.

With charity and apostolic care, they can be brought around to a full belief in Christ – in His Real Presence – which He died on the cross to give us.

Out of curiosity, is that 30% of all Catholics, or 30% of Catholics in America or Europe, where Protestant or secularist influences (respectively) are huge?

Since 90% of Catholics contracept, so 30% believing in the True Presence seems high to me.

If we don’t believe and contradict the one flesh union between husband and wife, why should we believe in the One Flesh Union between Christ and the Church?

What is the source of this statistic?

The 30% number came from a Gallup Poll which was conducted over a decade ago. The poll was for American Catholics. It’s possible that the number has gone up since then – I certainly hope so. I think there is a larger number of orthodox Catholics around nowadays in America then there was 10 years ago, and certainly than 20 years ago. Most of these faithful Catholics are quite young – so there’s great hope. There is solid belief from that group, and they’re also much more evangelical than others so they spread the true Faith.

As for Europe, it may even be less than 30% of Catholics. Although atheism and secularism are the dominant forces in Europe now and perhaps anyone who still wants to be considered a Catholic will actually believe all of the teachings of Christ now.

Still, sadly, Mass attendance in Europe is about 15% on Sundays for Catholics. At least in the U.S. it is up around 30% or so.

The numbers are abysmal, and the Holy Father knows this. He is asking for much prayer - especially adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We need miracles of faith and a flood of grace to convert many.

As for contraception – that has destroyed many Catholic communities and destoyed families and individuals as well.

Sure I have seen this demonstrated time and time again over the last 13+years of teaching in the Church. Just look at the way people act in the Church in front of the Tabernacle (if there even is a Tabernacle present). How they act in the Communion line and after receiving! Their actions tell you exactly what they believe.

I keep hearing that figure but I have no idea whether or not it is true. I suspect it is false. No one has ever conducted such a poll of the parishioners in my parish; if they did, I’m confident that number of believers in the real presence would be quite high.

Polling is hardly an infallible endeavor. If the source was in fact from a Gallup poll conducted 10 years ago, it would be instructive to see how the questions were worded and how the respondents were selected.

What percentage of people believe in the validity of poll data extrapolated to general populations?

Whatever the actual statistic, many Catholics need catechis … if not (re)conversion to the Catholic faith.

If this statistic is true, it is a sad day indeed. Obviously, it’s an indication that we need more catachesis - both for children and adults, but it’s also a call to prayer for those of us who do believe in Transubstantiation.

On a personal level, we also need to stretch out of our social circles and reach out to those who simply come to “dine and dash”. Those who simply do so for no good reason obviously feel disconnected from the Church. They are simply following a routine. We need to reach out to these people and simply engage them in conversation and build relationships - what hurts them hurts the entire body of Christ. The healthy body needs to minister to the ailing members.

Don’t wait for the Samaritan to help them - they’ll just end up leaving the Church if we don’t reach out.

Aha! New Advent had a link today to this article, about a new sociological study of American Catholics. An excerpt:

[quote=First Things]There are also items of real interest. For instance, 81 percent say that “belief that Jesus is really present in the Eucharist” is essential in their understanding of the Catholic faith. Keep in mind that the survey is of a cross section of the 65 million Catholics in the U.S. (although Latinos are greatly underrepresented). Among the more highly committed Catholics, it is reasonable to assume that belief in the Real Presence is considerably higher than 81 percent. This is worth keeping in mind because some years ago a clumsily worded question in a survey came up with the conclusion that only one third of Catholics believed in the Real Presence, and that “finding” still crops up in discussions on the state of Catholicism. Among active Catholics, belief in the Real Presence, as also in the Incarnation, the Virgin Birth, and the Resurrection of Jesus, edges up toward unanimity.

The rest of the article is also worth reading. :thumbsup:

From my rcia class, one of the sponsors who was driving me home (his fiance is converting)

“I didn’t know it was actually Jesus until last week when Msgr was giving the tour of the basilica! He was talking about the body of Christ…body of Christ…tabernacle…consecrated hands…When i asked him why his hands had to be so clean, he responded ‘how else would you go to meet Jesus?’ I’ve been a catholic since i was born and that was the first time I ever heard that…” He’s 29.

On the car ride home, I felt like i was teaching this guy about his own faith. I felt happy to do it, but I mean geeze…

The solution is simple: Pray that Fr Corapi receives the gift of bilocation so he can be everywhere at the same time yelling about things. OR Just preach one sermon a month about basic catechesis.


I’m not catholic, in fact I am an anti-catholic.

Anyway, in the poll that I saw which is likely the one being discussed here the folks answering the poll had to choose the correct theological definition of the “real presence” from four different answers. I forgot how the answers were worded but not being able to choose the correct techinical definition of a doctrine doesn’t mean that the folks rejected the idea. Maybe it means that 70% of the people polled needed to attend better catechism classes but it doesn’t prove anything else.

So, I am quite sure the number of catholics who believe in the real presence is quite a bit higher than 30%, though they may grasp the theology behind their belief as well as they should.

Just my two cents.

I find it very hard to accept that 81% of Catholics believe in the Real Presence. I would be delighted if it was true.

Perhaps my diocese is different, but I see almost no reverence towards the Eucharist at Mass. Tabernacles have been moved, there is very little Eucharistic Adoration available.

But the most telling thing that I see is the entire parish going to Communion and amost no one ever goes to Confession.

I have found that there are very, very many like the rcia candidate sponsor in the previous post. They do not know that it is really Jesus there – fully present. They certainly do not prepare themselves to receive Him.

I hate to think about the communions received in a state of mortal sin …

They might think that this is not a major problem and yet still believe that Jesus is present. But I still think they believe they’re receiving some kind of symbolic ritual.

Or I’ll just say – if they do believe in the Real Presence, there is still something very wrong going on.


In January 1992, the St. Augustine Center Association sponsored a Gallup poll, called "A Gallup Survey of Catholics regarding Holy Communion."
This poll, which included telephone interviews of 519 U.S. Catholics during the period of December 10, 1991, to January 19, 1992, revealed that

  1. 29% of Catholics believe that when receiving Holy
    Communion, they are receiving bread and wine, which symbolize the spirit and teachings of Jesus Christ, and in so doing are expressing their attachment to His Person and words.

  2. 24% of Catholics believe that when receiving Holy
    Communion, they are receiving the Body and Blood of Christ, which has become that because of their personal belief.

  3. 10% of Catholics believe that when receiving Holy
    Communion, they are receiving bread and wine, in which Jesus Christ is really and truly present.

  4. 8% of Catholics hold some other non-Catholic belief.

  5. Only 30% of Catholics believe that they are really and
    truly receiving the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ under the appearance of Bread and Wine.

I am much more likely to believe the 81% than the 30%.

I’m pretty sure these say the same thing. I think #3 is supposed to read…“in which Jesus is also present.”

Still, this is disturbing. I think I’ll do my own poll - I’ll sent out an e-mail poll to all my Catholic friends and ask them to do the same and see what comes back. I’ll get back to you.

Even the way it is worded it’s false.

We do not receive bread and wine in Communion. Jesus is not “present in bread and wine” – but the bread and wine are totally transformed into the real presence of Christ.

That was too subtle for most people to understand and probably at least half of them hold the true Catholic doctrine but didn’t recognize the difference in those two options.

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