MERGED: Post pictures of your church's Easter decorations!


I thought this would be cool. If you can, take pictures of your church’s Easter decorations when you go to Mass tonight or tomorrow.

Happy Easter!


Can’t wait to see. God Bless, Memaw


Here is my Parish Church (chapel) yesterday all prepared beautifully for today and the Vigil last night- where 3 people were received into the Church. I and my friends prepared the Church and took most of the day doing it, we worked hard (all out of love for the Lord and his Church) and wanted to show and share it with you- it is hardly a Basilica and I know other Churches are more beautiful but it is simple yet still retaining it’s Catholic beauty with a touch of love and care. The Church is dedicated to St. Theresa!

Happy Easter to you all!!!:thumbsup:


Our Patroness and the Martyrs Shrine, which for me as an English Catholic is something very important and dear to me- we must never forget nor neglect these Holy men and women who died for our faith and for country!


It’s great that you are actively involved in your parish community! Keep up the good work, I am sure that it gives glory to God and gives joy to the parishioners.


What a beautiful Thank You present to Our Lord!
Happy Easter!


Beautiful. Thanks for the post.


Beautiful!It’snice to see the Tabernacle placed behind the alter,don’t see that too much anymore.Blessed Easter!


I had about a minute when I arrived for my hour this afternoon before people started coming in for a visit so I took a few quick shots


Hi Zab,
What a beautiful church. who is the Saint holding the rosary and crucifix?


That is San Lorenzo Ruiz. Our last pastor wanted to honor our Filipino community who have been so supportive of our parish by including a statue their well beloved saint when we had our last major restoration/renovation project in our church. The other shrine is to the Holy Innocents


I love seeing pictures of other people’s churches.


Who is the statue of of the barefoot man lifting up a crucifix?


Never mind. answered. We have a lot of Phillipinoes, but no statues for them…yet.


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