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I say the 1962 verison of the divine office and was wondering what do you say during the preces during lauds and vespers when it mentions the prayers for the pope. Is this verse simply ignored while there is no pope?


The instruction says to omit the relevant versicle and response. (This also applies to the prayer pro antistite nostro when your local see is vacant.)

When the Chair of St. Peter is empty, what happens in the Eucharistic Prayer at… Keep us always in communion with N., Our Pope…? Thanks and God Bless!!

The USCCB issued a document today that gives all this information. See

Eucharistic Prayer I:
Be pleased to grant her peace,
to guard, unite and govern her
throughout the whole world,
together with N. our Bishop,
and all those who, holding to the truth,
hand on the catholic and apostolic faith.

Eucharistic Prayer II:
Remember, Lord, your Church,
spread throughout the world,
and bring her to the fullness of charity,
together with N. our Bishop,
and all the clergy.

Eucharistic Prayer III:
May this sacrifice of our reconciliation,
we pray, O Lord,
advance the peace and salvation of all the world.
Be pleased to confirm in faith and charity
your pilgrim Church on earth,
with N. our Bishop,
the Order of Bishops, all the clergy,
and the entire people you have gained for your own.

Eucharistic Prayer for Various Needs I:
Lord, renew your Church (which is in N.)
by the light of the Gospel.
Strengthen the bond of unity
between the faithful and the pastors of your people
together with N. our Bishop,
and the whole order of Bishops,
that in a world torn by strife
your people may shine forth
as a prophetic sign of unity and concord.

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What will be said once Pope Benedict XVI retires until there is a new Pope during the consecration at which point the priest says “remember, Lord, your.Church, spread throughout the world, and bring her to the fullness of charity, together with N, our Pope” what name will be used til we get a new Pope.

Good question. Surely it has happened before. This could be a question in other forums like “Liturgy and Sacraments.” I know it’s often easy to stay in one forum area, there are so many here.

There is only one Supreme Pontiff. We, the universal Church, will most likely state the new pope’s name. Pope Benedict will either Bishop Emeritus of Rome or another title but either way, it would be celebrated only in the diocese of Rome that his name will still be said.

I was a new Catholic during the interregnum between JP-II and B-XVI, and I don’t remember what they were saying at that point. Funny how the memory works when one gets older.

The same thing will happen as if the Pope had passed away. He won’t be mentioned at that point, because there is no sitting Pope.

I believe this question has been asked on several threads already.

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