MERGED: Pro-Life House Episode


Oh my - I still have tears in my eyes!!! They have totally redeemed themselves with this episode after the one a couple months ago with the abortion.

I am so impressed with how they handled this.

When the baby gripped his finger I was sobbing on the couch - what a beautiful and amazing thing.



After the abortion one, I haven’t watched nor do I intend to again.:mad:

Tonight was so amazing - I’m really sorry you missed it. I think they did more tonight for the pro-life cause than any prime time show I’ve ever seen.


I agree - it was by and large a powerful pro-life message on this show tonight but there were some problematic moments (ex., the pregnant woman had a gay sperm donor and previous multiple IVF tries). I’m guessing that NARAL wasn’t happy with tonight’s episode…maybe there’s some hope for Hollywood afterall.

I don’t watch House but I did want to see that episode after I caught the preview. I had class though so I missed it- can I get a synopsis?

It was a good one. We just got done watching it here in San Diego.

I watch House about once a year, and…last night wasn’t one of them! However, the word is that there was a very powerful moment: I gather (and correct me) that the plot involved a situation in which a late-term abortion…


Woman is 42, she is pregnant, single, and thinks she is having a stroke. She comes to House with failing kidneys an liver. They can’t figure out what’s wrong with her, nothing is wrong with the mom, yet she is dying. They discover that the problem is with the baby. House refuses thorugh the entire ordeal to call it a baby and will only call it a fetus, and at one point a tumor that is killing her. He tries repeatedly to get his staff and the mom to terminate the pregnancy. Then Cuddy (sp?) gets involved and exhausts absolutely everything she can imagine, short of killing both of them, to save the baby and fix the problem.

So they go to surgery on the baby to repair problems in the baby’s lungs. During the open womb surgery, House has his hand near the baby, who reaches out and grips his finger with his tiny little hand. It was absolutely one of the most moving moments I’ve ever seen on television. His eyes lock with Cuddy, and it is an obviously changing moment for him.

Later, he is back in the recovery room with the mom, and he says something to her - can’t recall what - but he calls it her baby. She points this out to him, and thanks him. He says to not thank him, he would have killed the thing.

Then he leave to go on vacation, plane ticket in hand. Instead, he walks into his apartment, rips up the ticket, takes the phone off the hook, flops on the couch, turns the tv on, and pops his pills. It was a horribly sad end to the episode.

I hope I didn’t miss anything too important. Those are the highlights - it was a fantastic episode.


It was, as always, an excellent episode. :thumbsup:

The writers were undoubtedly inspired by this bit of net lore. I am glad House appeared to take away a more positive message than the Snopes backstory.

PS. And completely tangential:
For anyone bothered by the Cameron/Chase story arc and who does not know: In real life, the actors became engaged to be married last Christmas.


That was an excellent episode. I agree.

When the baby held onto House’s finger, that was probably the most moving thing I’ve seen on TV. I agree, it was quite a statement for the pro-life movement. (Unfortunately, also a statement for the sperm donor movement, but, baby steps, I guess.) I don’t watch the show very regularly, so I missed the abortion episode previously mentioned. Has this show redeemed itself?

USA had been repeating the House episodes on Friday night. They are behind a week or two.

The only thing I would add is that as he is sitting on the couch with the TV on, he is flexing that left hand and looking down at where the baby had grabbed his finger, presumably trying to figure out exactly how to deal with the whole thing. I found it a very touching and hopeful moment.

And maybe I read too much into it, but I saw the tearing up of the ticket as maybe saying “I’m not going to be rewarded when I would have recommended what I’m now not sure would have been the right thing.”

It was an excellent synopsis but the only thing you left out was that at the very end of the episode (after he plops on the couch and pops his pills) he lifts his hand up and stares at the finger that the baby gripped in the operating room as if to further reinforce that indeed he now knows that it wasn’t just a fetus but a real person afterall.

Of course the important thing that we learn from that whole thing is that the “pull my finger” thing is instinctive and not a taught response.


That TOTALLY blew by me!!! I didn’t even notice that! :shrug:

PS. And completely tangential:
For anyone bothered by the Cameron/Chase story arc and who does not know: In real life, the actors became engaged to be married last Christmas.


THAT is SOOO cool!!! :thumbsup:

Of course the important thing that we learn from that whole thing is that the “pull my finger” thing is instinctive and not a taught response.

BOYS!!! :rolleyes: :eek:


By Hilary WhiteApril 5, 2007 ( - A dramatic episode of the popular evening television drama, House, that shows an unborn child, from an opened womb, grasping a surgeon’s finger during surgery, has led to flood of Internet chatter. The screenplay presents a 42 year-old,…

Full article…

I had no idea this was based on a true event - that original photo is absolutely amazing!

Thank you CAF bot! :smiley:


Is House Pro-Life or Choice. The character is certainly pro-Choice but the show seems to always throw in something that makes him reflect. It shows his side, constantly refering to a “fetus” then a moment occurs where the baby reacts to show Life, he pauses, others recognize his humanity, then he snaps out of it but later reflects privately. Is he becoming pro-Life or is at trick by the writers to be non-commital to the issue and thereby being on both sides of the issue?
I ask because I am not a regular viewer so am not to familiar with the story line.:knight1:

I only caught part of one show of House once, but was thoroughly disgusted. It was very very pro-euthanasia.

On a side-note, the main character of House was the father in Stuart Little. I have a hard time watching Stuart Little now b/c of that!:frowning:

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