MERGED: Pro-Life House Episode

I have seen 2 or 3 episodes with abortions, once on a very young girl. I don’t know how i feel about it all. I still watch it though…

I believe that House is exemplified as “pro-choice” eg. that is what he has been taught and therefore, believes. However, as seen in his actions, final decsions, and “ah-ha” moments he is more pro-life than anyone.
eg. He will not let an elderly patient die even though that patient could easily be givien morphine and just die. However, he does crack jokes to the contrary.

It seems to walk the line of non-committal, but I keep seeing things that make me think someone who is themselves pro-life is behind it… I missed the most recent episode, which it supposed to be very pro-life… It’s a brilliant show, with so many layers, and the story lines keep going and disappearing for awhile then coming back it can be hard to follow, and they keep you guessing… it walks the line, deliberately I think, but every so often strays to the pro-life side, just slightly; enough to keep you second-guessing, and to give you pause to think.

I’m a House fan, in case you couldn’t guess. :smiley:

House is my absolute favorite show since I discovered it a few months ago. I’d say it explores all sides of things. I love the ambiguity of it. That pro-euthanasia ep was the most one-sided I’ve ever seen on the show. I don’t know about the morality of it, but there was definately a bias there. I hate that one because of how overdone it is when House tells Cameron he’s “proud” of her…too cheesy. But in the one where the rape victim has an abortion, there’s definately questions raised about its morality, as in the one about the fetus from a few weeks ago. I love that it explores issues. House is pro-choice, but he does reflect on things.

Did anyone see House last night? I thought the episode on House last night was great because it was about a pregnant mom, who didn’t want to abort her child. It was great because the main character House kept referring to the child as a fetus while the other Dr would refer to the child as a baby. House of course wanted to kill the baby calling him a parasite and other main stream names for an unwanted child. The other Dr (can’t remember her name) knew the mother didn’t want to kill her child and so fought for him. In the end they landed up doing surgery on the child, and the great part is when they got to the child he reached out and held House’s hand. House was so shocked that he, without saying anything, changed his stance on the situation.

Well it was so pro-life I loved it, I really hope more shows go this way to show that these are children in such an artistic way.

See, television isn’t of itself evil…

I just wish they had that family filter technology for it too…

I think there was another episode, ( please correct me if it’s the same one ) House was arguing with a pro life woman who unintentionally became pregnant. The mom was so pro life that she wouldn’t terminate the baby to save her own life. ( I know my mom wouldn’t:thumbsup: ) The mom said that it’s murder and House replied… of course it is. This statement doesn’t make house look too nice but, really he’s not. However I think it shows the mindset of the writers. Also at least If House is “Pro-Murdering-Babies” instead of “Pro-Life” he at least acknowledges that babies in-utero are human life.

I am not sure if it the same one. It sounds a little different. I know that last nights episode was a re-run though. I agree it makes House look like a jerk, but I think that is the beauty of it, those who are pro-murder do look very similar especially those who are suppose to protect life.

Don’t you think it’s more important to be a celebrity in the eyes of God?

:confused: Sorry I don’t understand what you mean.:confused:

My point is be of the world but not of the world.

I really do like this show, It sometimes paints the Catholic Church in a positive light. How rare is that. One episode in particular dealt with a Stigmatic. It brought out Chase’s faith. I wish he lived a more moral life, I do not think he is a great role model but, he’s on TV and some people consider us boring.:shrug:

Don’t ALL the episodes make House look like a jerk?

Nope, that’s where renting the DVDs comes in handy :smiley: But did you see the commercials during that time? :eek:

Nah I’m Australian, But I know that commercials can be pretty bad these days…

In Australia we were treated to the “Nando’s fix-gum” Ads. Apparently it’s ok to show a strip show in an ad about a fast food joint that kids will go to…

What’s truly disturbing about it is the portrayal of the Stripper as a “normal family mother” when she’s both a stripper and presumably unmarried. One second she’s dancing on a pole, next minute she in a restaurant eating dinner with her kids… and Where’s the father?

It’s a terribly immoral ad that’s borderline porn, and then even worse is a subtle attack on the so called “Nuclear Family”… Nando’s should be ashamed of itself.

Oddly enough that where we are mildly blessed in the US. Our level of censorship keeps our commercials not as bad as they are overseas. I fear we don’t have much time though.

I dont think this is correct. At this time there is a democratic majority in both the House and the Senate.

Yes. This episode was also [thread=143491]discussed here[/thread] when first-run.

Also, the scene was undoubtedly inspired by the real-life urban legend Hand of Hope.


I didn’t see the episode but I wonder if it has any parallels to this picture taken in 1999. Be aware that though this picture is amaziningly beautiful, it is a bit graphic.

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