MERGED: Questions about Patron Saints

Who did you choose as your Patron Saint for Confirmation, and why?

I chose Saint Gianna Beretta Molla for a few reasons. She is the Patron Saint of mothers and pregnant women and I’m a mother and was pregnant for most of my RCIA process, gave birth 2 weeks before Easter. She was also a Pediatrician and I was in medical school for 2 years and wanted to be a Pediatrician (I left med school because I wanted to be a stay at home mom, I am still considering going back when they’re older). She also sacrificed her own life by refusing to have an abortion or any procedures done that would lead to the death of her unborn child (she had a complicated pregnancy and died days after giving birth). This is something I’ve thought about and I’m truly not sure what I’d do her situation. I admire her strength and hope I could be so self sacrificing in such a situation.

Anyway, she’s a newer Saint, canonized in 2004, and my husband and I were talking and wondering how many others might have chosen our Saints (his is St. Paul, I’m sure a much more popular choice). Being nerdy and curious, I’d love to see a chart with the numbers of how many have chosen which Saints. It was a lot of fun reading the stories of such amazing lives and choosing one whom I can relate to so much. Probably one of my favorite parts of the Confirmation process.


That is wonderful to hear! Congratulations on everything!

I have yet to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, but I consider Saint Casimir to be my patron saint. I have his picture as my avatar. I chose him because his feast day happens to be the day of my baptism (4 March 2012). I have a devotion to study, prayer, and a preference for the celibate life in common with him, but I’m no Polish prince. :slight_smile:

St. Francis of Assisi

St. Bridget of Sweden

St. Cecilia

St. Joan of Arc. I knew from the age of 10 that she would be my Confirmation saint, and I never changed my mind when I was confirmed at 17. Her story captivated me at a young age, and I loved her from then on. I am inspired by her great courage and trust in the Lord; I struggle with letting go of my worries and fears, and her trust shows me how much is really possible with God (and she was only around 19 when it was all happening!). It just amazes me…I don’t know if I could ever do what she did; she is a huge role model for me.

Saint Joseph

St. Rita of Cascia

St. Francis, also. I chose him because my grandfather’s name was William Francis and I liked the fact he helped animals. That was back almost 30 years ago now. I’m still a big fan, too :wink:

St. Pius X. I believe that he died the day before my birthday. His feast day is my birthday

Congrats on coming home! I chose St. Francis or Assisi. I have always loved animals, my cat is 19 years old this month! 7 years ago I went through a lot of struggling on life direction and had the strongest urge to donate all property to charities and be poor -crazy? I know. During this time I was learning about Buddhism and somehow came across St. Francis’ story, and it really knocked me off my feet! I did leave my career and pursued my education, all of which led me to the Church. At the time though I really thought I was crazy and ran from the Church for 6 years until I finally couldn’t ignore truth anymore. Now, I really try to lead by example in my faith and I am trying to learn humility. Anyway, I love reading about which Saint people chose and why - good thread :thumbsup:

St Bernadette. Fell in love with her story!

St. Francis of Assisi.

St. Charbel

Welcome home and congrats on the new addition to your family :slight_smile:
I chose Saint Mary Magdalene. I was confirmed this past Easter. I chose Mary because i have always admired her and could identify with who she was. Here was this woman, a terrible sinner on the verge of death and along comes Jesus. He never judges her. He only shows her kindness and love. She turns her life around and follows Him right to the cross and is there when he rises again! I too was a horrible sinner. Like Mary i wasted many years doing things that brought shame and guilt to me. Then one day i met Jesus! I too have turned my life around with His help and His love, kindness and guidence. I think she and i were looking for a life we could never grasp until He came into oir lives. Like Mary, Jesus saved me from utter distruction.

That’s freaky. My grandfather’s name was William Francis also. I’ll bet he’s having a good chuckle in heaven about this now!

I chose St Thomas More. I just really admired his decision not to buy into Henry’s bull. I’ll confess, I was 16 at the time and thought it was pretty sweet. His actions showed me the simplicity of the trueness of the Church. It also gave me hope. It showed me that one doesn’t need to be levitating and getting stigmatas in order to get to heaven. He seemed like a just normal guy.

I chose Saint Jude Thaddeus. Quite honestly, he guided me into the church, and I will always remember him for that.

I chose St. Helena of Constantinople…she was the mother of the Emperor Constantine.

St. Helena was a grown woman before she chose the Faith, and I was 40+ before I chose Catholicism, and was baptized and confirmed in the Faith. Helena is my role model.

St. Helena also is renowned for finding the True Cross of the Crucifixion, when she led a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, where she financed the excavation of the hill of Golgotha.
She also built Shrines and Churches to advance Christianity.

St. Augustine of Hippo.

St. Andrew. He’s the patron of fisherman and I love to fish.

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