MERGED: What is your parish/diocese doing for the Year of Faith?


I saw threads about this in the News forum and Evangalization, but I thought it would be interesting to see what other parishes are doing to celebrate the year.

At our parish we have quite a bit going on.

At all Masses on Oct 11 (3 daily Masses) we will have a consecration to the Sacerd Heart.

On Sunday all the priest will talk about it during the homilies. We have Magnificat Year of faith companion books on sale, and other devotional/instructional material

One of the priests is leading a study of the Acts of the Apostles. He holds Bible studies regularly, but this one is billed especially for the year of faith.

Then we have some other activies geared more towards pro-life and the upcoming election that are being folded in. I’m sure there will be more to come.

My daughter’s campus ministry will have a Eucharistic prosession on Thursday after their daily Mass - so cool!


What is our parish/diocese doing for the Year of Faith?

Glad you asked!!

Nothing…so far…not a peep out of anyone…maybe it is a surprise???



Oh that’s terrible! Well you at least can get the Magnificat companion and do the CCC readings. I’m sure there will be a ton of resources here and on other Catholic sites for you to use and share with folks at your parish.

I’ll be praying for you and your parish.


Please do, Mrs. Sally. Our parish needs prayers like you wouldn’t believe. It is really bad.

As for the Magnificat and other items that cost $$$, cannot do - these are beyond lean times in our household.


Nothing here, all the priests of the diocese are on a retreat, so no daily mass most places.

Haven't heard a word in our parish about the year of faith. If I hadn't read it other places, I would have no idea it was going on.


We are doing several things, which is nice. First we are having a Bible study put on by one of our Religious Sisters, which is very good and will last through the Fall. Second, we are doing a study on several Papal Encyclicals which have the theme of Faith, which will take place in the Spring. I also believe there will be showings of the Catholicism Series by Fr. Barron going on sometime as well.

There are probably some other things going on which I can’t remember off the top of my head.


Nothing, not a peep about it in my parish. I thank God that I have EWTN. Everything planned for this year is all social. Priest had signs made up at the beginning of the year and had the people sign what they would like , spiritual events, like bible study or prayer group only got 9 votes.

The priest did not mention the Year of Faith this Sunday at all, don’t think he will, his sermons are never spiritual. Will watch EWTN and purchase some books, and PRAY!!


My priest read an excerpt from the Holy Father’s Motu Propio declaring the year of faith last Sunday. It was beautiful and thought provoking, and he encouraged each of us to read the entire thing.


Our parish will have the Great Adventure Matthew Bible Study. We normally have a Bible Study every year, but this one is billed as coinciding with the Year of Faith.

Other parishes in our Diocese are offering opportunities to learn more about our Faith. One parish is offering a 19-part series, and there is another series called “Faith of our Fathers” which will feature a different priest each evening.


I was wanting to see what everyone’s speculations were for the Year of Faith, what events do you see happening. I have heard a good deal about what the YoF is for but not so much what exactly will be going on.


We had a Pastoral Letter from the Archbishop read at all Masses weekend past which was well received. A link to +Abp Peter Smith's Pastoral Letter:-

A link to the Prayer Cards which were given out on the day:-

My Parish is going to be busy as, our activities are linked to Diocesan events. More from our Diocese:-


One of our priests is giving a series of talks on Vatican II.


That sounds really interesting. If you are able to attend,do you mind bringing back notes to the rest of us? :thankyou:


Our pastor talked about it in his homilythis past Sunday.


We’ll be having vespers with the bishop, and the cathedral parish will be talking about the documents of Vatican II every other sunday for the whole year.

The bishop is also talking a lot about beauty, particularly in the liturgy, and how it relates to being faithful to the rubrics and using sacred music (and what kind of music isn’t sacred, such as city of God, Gather us in, go make a difference. And yes, he named those songs.)


For those in London who would like to attend one of the events at the Archdiocese of Southwark, below will be taking place next week:-

‘Vatican II: the on-going Agenda’
7:30pm Thursday 18th October 2012
Amigo Hall, St George’s Cathedral, SE1 6HR

A lecture by His Eminence Cardinal Godfried Danneels, emeritus Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, who attended the Second Vatican Council as an expert. A rare opportunity to hear from someone who was at the Council. No charge.


There is an emphasis in my parish this year on “Living Our Faith” and the New Evangelization. One current project is meeting, viewing, and discussing the “Catholicism” series by Fr. Barron. There is a weekly series on the Catechism going on for October, and a public square Rosary Crusade, to name a few things.

I am on the Evangelization Commission and we will be discussing some things to implement in the near future. I am sure other ministries will be planning things also, and as the year progresses, we will do more.

We certainly do need a year devoted to developing and increasing our Faith and bringing others back to Christ.


The parish I work at (a progressive parish) isn't doing a darned thing. I have mentioned doing something for the Year of Faith and only got eye rolls. The parish I attend for mass and community (a traditional parish) is having activities throughout the year.



Our Parochial Vicar, who is a Miles Jesu priest, is giving talks after the Tuesday night Mass. Last night, he introduced the Year of Faith with a talk about Porta Fidei. He recommended that we read it and said his next talk, in two weeks, would be about our bishops' pastoral letter on the subject. He also said that if we are interested, he will give talks on the documents of Vatican II, such as Lumen Gentium and Sacrosanctum Concilium. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with these prospects. I look forward to hearing more of his talks.


Our parish is doing a series on Theology of the Body and a Bible Study every week on the Sunday readings. I’m sure we will be doing more as our Pastor is really excited about the Year of Faith.

I wish my work schedule allowed me to attend. :frowning:

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