Merging, moving and closing threads

You may have noticed that I merged some threads, closed others and moved some. Just to make it clear, here is what I’m trying to do.

  1. When a question is asked and is answered, it is no longer necessary to leave the thread open.

  2. When a question is asked in more than one thread and the answers repeat themselves in more than one thread, it becomes obvious that there are no new answers to the question. It is no longer necessary to leave these threads open, since nothing new is surfacing.

  3. When a topic is addressed in more than one thread, under different names, but new perspectives continue to come in, it becomes clear that the topic is of interest, the topic is merged, but left open until the answers begin to repeat themselves.

  4. When a topic is more appropriate for another forum, it is moved and a redirect is left for two days.

  5. When the behavior on the thread violates the rules of this forum, the thread will be closed and archived. It will not be left available for viewing.

If your favorite thread is merged, moved or closed, do not be offended. It is usually for one of the above reasons.

Thomas Casey


Thank you! Could you speak to your colleages who moderate the other boards (like L&S!) and give them the idea for the “asked and answered” thread closure? There’s so much going round and round that could be saved if that were done.

I will share you message. :smiley:

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