Meriam Ibrahim, 27, could now face a new trial despite her death sentence being overturned


This poor lady. May God keep her and her family in His loving hands. It isn’t clear in the article, but I so hope that she is still physically inside the American Embassy compound. At least if she is there, they will not dare to try and take her by force.

Meriam Ibrahim, 27, could now face a new trial despite her death sentence being overturned
The mother condemned to death in Sudan for marrying a Christian is being prevented from fleeing the country by her callous brother - and could face an entirely new trial.

Meriam Ibrahim has been hit with a new petition by Al Samani Al Hadi who has publicly vowed to execute her if he gets the chance.

But lawyers for Meriam, a 27-year-old doctor, say that he is just acting out of spite and that he does not have any authority over her.


At least she is out of jail and safe in our embassy.

This poor woman and her family have been through so much!

I read she was facing new charges but I didn’t read any further.
Don’t these people realize how evil and backwards they are?

I hope her husband is with her. Is he in a wheelchair?


Yes, he is in a wheelchair. I did read why in one of the reports, but cannot remember the reasons.

For me the biggest thing is that she is in the US Embassy - to all intents and purposes - US soil. And her husband is an American citizen so hopefully, she can continue to stay there and be looked after. At least she will get well fed and be safe!


Thanks for update, Netty 1.

Her husband uses wheelchair because he has MS to deal with.
You know I had also read speculation that maybe her so called brother is
being put up to all of this by some who have promised him her monies & properties
If she should die. Evidently, she is a wealthy woman.
Also, please remember that their two children are ALSO, USA citizens.
Am continuing to Pray very hard for Meriam and her family ! ::signofcross:


Praying for this family and also taking a moment today to reflect on the religious freedom that I enjoy in my life. I just cannot imagine living in fear for my life. It feels like those Christians live on a completely different planet than we do in the free world.


She and her family have been in my daily prayers. I was thinking about her in Mass on Sunday, while we were celebrating St. Peter and St. Paul- both martyrs. She is very brave to continue to stand up for her faith, even with the threat of death. She is a wonderful witness. I pray that this trial will soon be over for her, and that she and her family can live happily and safely in the U.S., where they can worship God and live in peace.


Praying for the intentions of her & her family.

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