Meriam Ibrahim re-arrested at airport in Sudan

Please pray for this poor woman and her family.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend Mrs. Ibrahim in battle, protect her from the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O prince of the Heavenly host, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Considering this woman’s husband is an American citizen,I would like to see Obama step up and do everything in his power to help this woman.

I agree, Jeanne!! I was so thankful when she was released, but everyone was saying that she isn’t truly free until she is out of Sudan. I know that several members of Congress were working actively to get her asylum but I feel that Obama needs to get involved and insure that she and her family get to the U.S. safely. I also read this morning that she is a Catholic- something I didn’t know.

You know… the more of this I see, the more I think we should be taking an active role in defending our people.

In re-reading the information about her case, I realize that the accusation against her by her alleged brother, in addition to renouncing Islam, is that she has assumed a false identity. He brought documentation to court to prove this, and the court accepted it. (Whether it was legitimate documentation by our standards is another matter.)

Now I see that she was at the airport preparing to leave the country.

I wonder whether she has a passport, and if so, under what name it was issued. Is it possible she received a passport with her Christian name, which would have meant she had already proven her identity as not being the person her alleged brother claims her to be?

I pray she gets out of there!

O Father of mercies and God of all comfort,
our only help in time of need,
Hear our prayers


Praying for her & her family’s intentions.

I wonder what the legal ramifications are if the court rules in favor of her brother in her assuming a false identity and tarnishing his good Muslim character?

LOVE! :heart:

Goodness gracious! :eek: Just when you thought the story had a happy ending.

Probably not good! I hope her legal team can help her.

I am sorry but all the recent news stories I am not seeing a lot of goof muslim character exhibited!


And that’s exactly what did happen in the first place, and why the case drags on now. It’s more than “She is a Christian heretic.” It’s “She is my missing sister and has dishonored our family.”

According to Al-Samani al-Hadi, “She is lying to both the Christians and the Muslims. She went missing in Ramadan [July] last year for 45 days. That’s when we went to the police. **When she was picked up we found her face was different, the way she looked at us was different. She was bewitched. **When she stood in front of the court she said her name was Mariam Yahya. We were shocked.”

The case dragged on for seven months, during which time they brought fingerprint and identity documentation, photocopies of which have since been disseminated to local reporters. The documents – which the court ruled to be genuine – purport to show that the fingerprints recorded for the national identity card issued in the name of “Abrar” at the Sudanese government registry offices were an exact match to those the court took from Mariam.

Is al-Hadi really prepared to see the woman he claims is his sister killed?
“It’s one of two; if she repents and returns to our Islamic faith and to the embrace of our family then we are her family and she is ours. We are prepared to hold her dearer than the apples of our eyes. But if she refuses she should be executed.”

Even as all eyes are on Sudan’s Court of Appeal, for al-Hadi there is no turning back.
"Why would I indulge my humanity, my emotions and incur the wrath of my Lord? That’s not how it works for us."

If her “brother” has access to her, she’ll be killed. Islam fully enforces the idea of honor killing. She’ll be lucky if her children make it out alive, but her husband will likely be killed for “raping” a muslim woman.

I must have missed this part, but what were they doing in Sudan in the first place?

I pray they get out if their soon!!! For good!

This is so incredibly sad. I am beginning to wonder if Sudan isn’t doing this to her simply because they don’t like her because they feel like she’s an “apostate” when she is not. But regardless of whether or not someone apostatizes from Islam, that is no reason for them to be treated like this. A person should be free to leave a religion whenever they deem it to be the best decision for them. A person should be free to leave their religion and convert to another one if they want to.

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