Meriam Ibrahim: Sudan 'apostasy' woman freed again

Hopefully this time she will make it out to safety. There’s a good chance as she has already reached the safety of the US Embassy.

A Sudanese woman whose death sentence for renouncing Islam was overturned has been released from jail again, after she was detained at Khartoum airport on Tuesday.

Meriam Ibrahim’s lawyer, Muhannad Mustafa, said that she was currently in the US embassy with her family.

Praying for her & her family’s intentions.

Praying for her! I hope that this time she and her family are truly free and able to escape.

Somebody needs to get her and her children out of Sudan RTHN. That benighted country needs to be isolated from the world community until its leaders come into at least the 19th century, if not the 20th, or maybe even the 21st.

Wow, what an intense series of events this has been!

I’m still praying!! Lord Jesus, please protect her and her family. Give them the opportunity to leave and find a safe haven far away from that awful place. :gopray2:

I heard she was freed but I had not heard she had left sudan.
I thought she was at the u.s. embassy for her protection. Not sure if they are still waiting for correct papers. Maybe I am wrong.

What courage! So close to having been a martyr. Death, I could probably handle, but the thought of having to endure 100 lashes would have absolutely terrified me.

LOVE! :heart:

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