Merit graces by serving at the mass?

Once I thought I read somewhere that one can merit special graces by assisting in the liturgy of the mass (acolyte, Eucharistic minister, cantor, etc.) Now, sadly, I can’t find where I may have read that. Could anyone help me out? Thanks much!

This has been stated often, by many, most notably Padre Pio.
See link
Also, "assisting at Mass doesn’t necessarily mean serving, choir, etc.
Everyone assists at Mass by their participation in the prayers.

Thank you pianist late. Sorry I was unclear. I was hoping to find a document or source to quote that discusses the graces one may merit by volunteering as an altar server, Eucharistic minister, lector, cantor, etc. It would be helpful in a letter I am writing.

And yes, we are all called to assist in the mass by participating fully in whatever capacity we may.

Many blessings to you for your help!

I would be very surprised if you found something authoritative that says that. The Church as been pretty consistent that all of those assisting at Mass benefit from the graces of Mass and that having an additional job does not merit anything additional.

Agreed. Parishes do not want to single out particular things to be “more worthy” than others. I’ll look around, but I can’t recall anything official. We generally, in our stewardship mailings, just mention that time and talent is what the parish at large needs. All “ministries” help to serve the church and merit a person blessings.

If you’re looking to encourage altar servers, you might take the viewpoint listed that speaks to be present at Calvary and being alongside angels. That would impress anyone interested in serving. :thumbsup:

I agree. If anything I was probably guilty of too much pride and boastfulness when I did serve. God loves the guy in back who’s trying to hold a low-profile just as much as those up at the altar.

Nonetheless, I did feel the honor of being able to serve God as well.

I agree with everyone else above that that is no extra merit in serving at Mass. To assist sounds like doing something beyond mindful participation but I’ve not found*anything in lists of indulgences about extra graces; plus I realized how unrealistic it was. I would often go to daily Mass at chuches that were not my home parish. Some parishes might rely on God’s Providence to find readers, etc for weekday Mass but many plan or at least rely on regulars. I guess I think those who use their lunch hour for Mass should merit more than those with fewer obligations (I.e., those with more time on their hands) should merit more.

You bring up an interesting point, and something that I had long forgotten about. :slight_smile:

I used to go to church on my lunch hour, years ago.

I had a really flexible boss who allowed me to take my lunch together with my breaks, so that I could have a longer lunch break. I would then scurry to church on my lunch break, so that I could go to Mass, and also Adoration for a bit when the church held Adoration. Those are nice memories, when I think about it. :slight_smile:

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