Merkel offers cash handouts worth millions of pounds for migrants to return home


Angela Merkel will offer cash handouts worth millions of pounds for migrants to leave Germany in an effort to silence criticism of her ‘open-door’ border policy.

In a highly-embarrassing U-turn over the ill-fated plan, which saw 1.2million migrants flock to the country, Mrs Merkel has now vowed to send many of them home.

The German chancellor agreed a package of measures to speed up the deportation process for an estimated 450,000 migrants who have been rejected asylum.

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Seems to me Norway already has a return home plan.

And Sweden may be contemplating something like that, as well.


She is up for election I think some time this year no wonder she wants to silence criticism.


my same thoughts! talk about egg on your face. I wonder what her buddy Obama thinks of this.


If this state of affairs weren’t so ridiculous,
It could pass as a Political Comedy show

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