Merkel's call for burqa ban in Germany draws backlash


German Chancellor Angela Merkel signaled support Tuesday for a nationwide ban on full-face veils worn mainly by Muslim women – a move that had an American Islamic advocacy group crying foul, claiming it impedes freedom and increases “Islamophobia.”


‘As the country, so the dress’ - Hindi proverb (equivalent to ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do.’)


All the propaganda in the world cannot hide the truth in an information age. A spokesman can hang themselves with the smallest amount of rope if they are not careful, making fallacious or downright disingenuous general statements about their organization’s true purpose in order to maintain whats left of it’s vail.

CAIR’s spokesman, Ibrahim (aka Doug) Hooper, makes himself sound like a hypocrite with this statement:

We believe everyone should be free to wear the clothing of their choice and that laws targeting the tiny minority of Muslim women who wear face coverings are an expression of increasing Islamophobia in Europe,” spokesman Ibrahim Hooper told “Freedom is about making personal choices, not having a decision imposed on individuals by the state. Growing anti-Muslim bigotry should be repudiated, not pandered to.”

Really Ibrahim? I’m sure the married men of the The Muslim Brotherhood, or of Hamas would’t mind if their wives or daughters wore short shorts and a midriff on hot, steamy day. And a Muslim state like Saudi Arabia should protect a woman’s right to freedom…Oh…were you not referring to Saudi Arabia Ibrahim?


I think that any woman should be able to wear a scarf or other headcovering. I don’t know why so many Roman Catholic women are opposed to wearing headcovering in church. And I don’t see anything wrong with women wearing modest beachwear such as the burkini. If women can go almost naked to the beach, why shouldn’t they be able to wear modest beachware also. But as far as completely covering your face in public, I think that it obviously presents a possible safety danger, so I would support the idea of banning the complete covering of one’s face and the complete covering of one’s identity in public.


I don’t know very many women who are opposed to wearing a hat or scarf – what they oppose is being told they must do so. Or that it is somehow more modest, holy, etc. to wear something on one’s head. If you choose to do so, fine. If not, fine.


In a nutshell


Is that a big topic of conversation? (Honest question, I don’t recall it being discussed much here.)


Merkel has caused so much damage to Europe, more importantly, I imagine the victims of the rapes and murders done by migrants are looking for something more than banning an item of clothing. Banning an item of clothing does nothing, especially considering the migrants which are criminals, are the males who don’t wear burkas. However since it’s the elections coming up, she has to look as if she’s doing something in defence of the German people, more often are not it’s like European politicians care more about foreigners than their natives.


Do a search on ‘veiling,’ a completely foreign-to-Catholicism term when applied to the laity. And yet, you’ll find many women who are “called” to it.


Mr. Hooper doesn’t speak for Hamas, or the Muslim Brotherhood, or Saudi Arabia.

Why would he? He’s an American. Born in Canada, but emigrated to the United States. He’s the Communications Director for the Council on ***American-***Islamic Relations (emphasis mine).


CAIR is a front group for radical elements of Islam such as The Muslim Brotherhood. The FBI has made known the ties CAIR has with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood; and this *during * the Obama administration.

If CAIR is going to make those comments about Germany’s policies toward Muslim women, then CAIR should be consistent by holding Saudi Arabia to the same principles that CAIR would like Germany to apply to Muslim women. I’m pointing out CAIR’s hypocrisy and their ties to organizations that are interested in destabilizing western civilizations.

Front groups are all the rage, and have been for the last 75 years. I can’t believe that with all the information people have at their fingertips they still cannot figure out the true agenda of all these front groups that are out there.

Now, “fake news” is in the news. Fake news has been around for quite some time, but now millennials are the target. And the fact that millennials cannot tell the difference between real and fake news makes the jobs of front groups that much easier.


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