Mermaid statue draped in Muslim dress


OPENHAGEN, Denmark - The Little Mermaid statue in Denmark’s capital was found draped in a Muslim dress and head scarf Sunday morning.


People are so stupid. They need to leave the little mermaid alone. :mad:


It is not the first time and will probably not be the last time. Seems like this statue is a frequent target.


''In 2004, someone put a burqa, the head-to-toe Islamic robe, on the statue, along with a sign questioning Turkey’s bid to join the EU ‘’

If you have read the article carefully. You would probably deduce that it is not Muslims who are doing so !


Well if European citizens were free to express their concerns that their lovely home lands were on the verge of being horrid Islamic theocracies without fear of landing in jail on some inane “promoting racial hatred” charge they probably wouldn’t have to resort to political statements by dark of night.

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