"Mermaids" on Animal Planet

Anyone watch that show on Animal Planet about mermaids? Personally I don’t believe it, but do believe it is possible

I did. I thought it was interesting. It’s a mockumentary.

I saw it. They kind of had me going til that last bit at the end where the child supposedly finds one washed up on the beach under a big clump of seaweed, pokes it with a stick while filming with his ipod or something, and this monstrous looking thing leaps up out of the seaweed, grabs at him and roars, and as the kid runs away(this kid is maybe 10) the camera is pointed straight down as if to capture his running feet, rather than in a normal situation like that where ANY kid would be scared to bits and running as fast as possible with the camera-thing clutched in one hand at his side, not filming his feet. That pretty much ruined it for me right there. :smiley:

I saw it, it was good silly fun. I was a little disturbed at how many people on Twitter thought it was real, though. :doh2:


Here’s an app waiting to be invented, the Hoax Trap. If you comment a hoax as if it were real your account will tweet (or update your status) to announce, “I am a moron.”

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