Merry Christmas CAF!

Wishing a very merry and blessed Christmas to all on CAF! May the hope, joy, and peace of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ remain with you throughout the year! :slight_smile:

Lord Jesus, You entered into human history to teach us the way we must follow and trace for us the path of life. Open our hearts to receive You and help us to bring Your Hope and Love to all we meet. Amen.

May God bless you all this Christmas and always! :slight_smile:


@Richard_White Wish you too a Merry Christmas and all CAF Family, God Bless

Luke 2:14 Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will.


At the end of the beatific rapture and vision of the Mother ever Virgin, which I have described above, was born the Sun of Justice, the Onlybegotten of the eternal Father and of Mary most pure, beautiful, refulgent and immaculate, leaving Her untouched in her virginal integrity and purity and making Her more godlike and forever sacred; for He did not divide, but penetrated the virginal chamber as the rays of the sun penetrate the crystal shrine, lighting it up in prismatic beauty.

The infant God therefore was brought forth from the virginal chamber unencumbered by any corporeal material substance foreign to Himself. But He came forth glorious and transfigured for the divine infinite wisdom decreed and ordained that the glory of his most holy soul should in his Birth overflow and communicate itself to his body, participating in the gifts of glory in the same way as happened afterwards in his Transfiguration on mount Tabor in the presence of the Apostles (Matth. 17, 2). This miracle was not necessary in order to penetrate the virginal enclosure and to leave unimpaired the virginal integrity; for without this Transfiguration God could have brought this about by other miracles. Thus say the holy doctors, who see no other miracle in this Birth than that the Child was born without impairing the virginity of the Mother. It was the will of God that the most b1essed Virgin should look upon the body of her Son, the God-man, for this first time in a glorified state for two reasons. The one was in order that by this divine vision the most prudent Mother should conceive the highest reverence for the Majesty of Him whom She was to treat as her Son, the true God-man. Although She was already informed of his two-fold nature, the Lord nevertheless ordained that by ocular demonstration She be filled with new graces, corresponding to the greatness of her most holy Son, which was thus manifested to Her in a visible manner. The second reason was to reward by this wonder the fidelity and holiness of the divine Mother; for her most pure and chaste eyes, that had turned away from all earthly things for love of her most holy Son, were to see Him at his very Birth in this glory and thus be rejoiced and rewarded for her loyalty and beautiful love.



May the Christ child be born into our hearts today, and every day.


GOD, ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF, lowered Himself and became human like us. He came in the lowliest manner to the lowliest place in the lowliest circumstances. How undeserving we are. He didn’t need to do this but He chose to do it. And He did it out of LOVE. As much Love as He endured when He suffered and hung on the cross and died for us He endured by leaving Heaven and coming among us as one of us. THANK YOU LORD! THANK YOU! May I NEVER forget this wondrous LOVE of yours Dear Lord!

Every blessing and grace to you all and yours today and always.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a Happy, Safe, and Blessed Holidays to all!

God is with us!


Merry Christmas to you and everyone else here in CAF. Blessed and luminous Holy days for everyone.:evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:God bless.


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas. God bless and God speed.



Merry Christmas to all. I attended a lovely Mass last night and enjoying family time
today. Hope everyone at CAF has had a wonderful Christmas so far.


Merry Christmas to all, especially:

  1. Those who have just lost a loved one. May this season bring you the joy that comes with hope to provide comfort in time of sorrow.

  2. Those who have to work, either for support of family or the good of society, first responders, military and medical professionals.


Merry Christmas, Everyone! :christmas_tree:

Wishing everyone a most blessed Christmas season, and a happy and healthy New Year filled with health and happiness and many blessings! :heart:

May God bless everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:


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