Merry Christmas Everybody!


Everyone have a wonderful, happy, and blessed Christmas!!

God Bless!


*So nice to ''hear'' that--MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

Back at ya, RK...and to everyone here, have a blessed, safe, and healthy Christmas. :wave:*


You too! Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas!!

I was curious as to how many countries the posters on CAF represent and in how many languages you could offer 'Merry Christmas!'



*That’s so beautiful! *


Just wanted to add an Australian touch. We celebrate Christmas in the summer here in Australia.

The tree above is Called a Christmas tree where I live. The yellow flowers come out at the start of Advent and stay flowering until the Epiphany and then all die off. One of Gods amazing creations in my part of the world

Have a happy and holy Christmas everyone.


I love the Australian Christmas Tree. Thank you for sharing!

Another tree that was forwarded to me…

Merry Christmas!


merry christmas to you and a happy and blessed new year!!! Merry christmas to all!!!


Merry Christmas to all, and a joyous new year!


Merry christmas all!!!


Merry Christmas!!!


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