Merry Christmas from Muslims

I wanted to take some time and wish all the Christians out here and everywhere around the world a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.

We have our differences and disagreements but that shouldn’t prevent us from being kind and charitable to one another and I hope that we can look past our differences and work to build open and honest relationships with one another and that one day we can all co-exist peacefully all around the world.

Awe Fam ~

Thanks so much dear old friend! :heart:

Thank You! :slight_smile:

“…And praises sing to God the King, And peace to men on earth”

Merry Christmas! May Allah bless us all! :thumbsup:

Merry Christmas! Blessings upon us!

With a little help from Google translate:
عيد ميلاد سعيد! يبارك الله لك!

Thank you I wish the Muslims in Indonesia had the same thoughts, this would stop the 400 police minding all the Christian Church’s , As Our Holy Father says, we have to respect one another, of other Religions, and opinions, after all there is only One God, and we are all HIS children. Let us all Respect the way we worship, whatever way that is.

Peace on Earth

Pax in terra

السلام على الأرض

שלום על פני האדמה

पृथ्वी पर शांति

Thank you for your thoughtful greeting.

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you, too!

Thank You for taking your time to remember us, Merry Christmas to You.

PS: I think Rumi rocks! [do Shias get along with Sufis?:eek:]

Oh! Thank you! May God bless you and yours! How very kind and thoughtful!

Was the Rumi a Sufi?

Merry Christmas. May God bless you abundantly.

Amen, brother!

Peace on Earth, goodwill to all, and a blessed day to you. †

Thank you Fam! God bless you. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!

Have a joyous Milad un Nabi in 24 days! (If you celebrate it, I have heard some Muslims don’t).

May God be with you in all your days!

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