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I got a call from a former boss who was being transfered to another location. She asked me if I could possibly return to work, as the current dept. Was a mess.

The job offered to me is way less than my qualifications, but she assured me the manager was leaving already asked to step down, but manager refused, but my former manager said the other upper management knew she was incompetant and she would be leaving soon and I would replace her.

My former bosses boss is new. She asked me to sign a paper regarding sales goals which were high but doable. But not with my incompetant manager running things.

I accepted the job with mysalary more than most in this department.I am a salees manager, but right now until the incompetant manager leaves.

I am on week 2. The dept is a mess, my manager can not figure out simple sales goals, does not know percentages and just sells and gets mad if I sell more. She is not doing her job and I am hoping new upper management was informed about her being incompetant because I accepted this job under the condition she was leaving.

What do I do? I am new and do not want to rock the boat but this is unreal.

Thank u,
Mommy k


You may be 'new' in that you've take a new role, but you're experienced in that you've apparently been there before.

Take it up with the higher management and illustrate to them that which you have just illustrated here, together with some evidence.

Then leave it up to them to sort it out.

I take it that you had not left another job for this one? You were previously not working? If that's the case, you have nothing to lose by 'rocking the boat' - from a professional point of view it seems like this is a boat that needs rocking!


"She asked me to sign a paper regarding sales goals which were high but doable. But not with my incompetent manager running things. "

I think you've been put in the position of sacrificial lamb.

If the incompetent boss hasn't been fired already, there's something keeping her there. Some kind of office politics, some kind of (company) political connections, something that tells the higher ups "don't fire her yet"

That will keep her on longer than you expect.

Your sales goals will not be met.

Guess who gets the negative consequences? Not the politically connected boss.

They'll be forced to keep her on until the sales department hires new people to make things happen and then.....what is with all these people who can't do their jobs? All these missed sales goals? We can't find anyone who can do their jobs in this lousy economy.



I think you were deceived. It seems that the incompetent manager will not be fired, but that they decided to hire an experienced "helper" to the manager. Of course, the manager wants to keep her authority, and will take decisions rather than just giving you the chains. I think you should keep evidence of your work, and anything that shows your work performance. That way when the goals are not met (and I think won't be met) you have evidence that this did not happen because of you. However, there are no guarantees, especially if the incompetent manager is so well connected unless there is a glaring mistake.


Honestly, things usually work themselves out in the long run and while two weeks may seem like two years, it hasn't been very long . Most companies have to follow stringent rules when firing people or they are open to lawsuits. You are employed in a time when many are not, look at the prayer request threads and see how many are asking for prayers for a job. Count your blessings, work as hard as you can, use the talents God blessed you with to perform to the best of your ability and be patient. My guess is it won't take long for things to change and you will be appreciated for your grace under the circumstances.


They would not fire her-just put her into a more suitable position that has no numbers involved. In my younger years I could clean house -meaniung had no problem firing reporting etc. But now as a deeper Catholic I am feeling differently.
I hate this dog eat dog mentality.
Personally, she is a sweetheart, but I am not paid to train her either.
Should I let the vendor that we represent deal with this-it is so obvious. But then I should know what the area should look like, and they know this too-so will I be held accountable? I have worked for the vendor too so they know I know.
What a mistake I made--taking this job. Please say a prayer that this manager moves on without me getting involved.
Thank u for ur replies-
Mommy k

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