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Ive got a question. I’m looking at joining a message board for one of my favorite sports teams. But I noticed that a couple of the members are not Christian. Should I let that stop me from joining to talk about football?


That depends on what you’re looking for and what the tone of discussion is on those boards. If there is constant debate about religion thrown into a discussion about football, and you’re someone who doesn’t want to be exposed to religious debate then maybe look for another forum.

Otherwise, why not?


Oh my Goodness! Are you serious?

No, of course it shouldn’t bar you from joining this group. Go on and have fun.


All of society includes members who are not Christian. You gonna check out of everything?

I mean, jobs, friendships, social clubs or support groups, etc. You’re not going to participate unless you can verify that 100% of the members are Christians? And how would you do that anyway?


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