Message on prayer intention thread

I was posting replies on prayer intention threads I had
started and I was thanking posters for their prayers.
On the second thread, it would not accept my post because it was too similar to my last reply.

What difference would it make if they are the same?
I am saying thank you for the prayers. So I had to add 2 words for the reply to be accepted.



I think this measure is used to prevent spam.
One way I think you could get around it is you can reply with for example “Thank you for your prayers” to one person, then reply to another with “Thank you”. Or “Thank you [name]”

Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. You could be right.

It is annoying though - just like the 10 character message.

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I’ve encountered that too - and yes, on different threads. Just means I have to change the wording slightly, even happens if I try to post a Hail Mary again - in this case I just space the prayer differently and it goes through. :woman_shrugging:

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