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Has anyone heard of the “End Times Prophet” David Terrell? I think his ministries are based out of Dallas, Tx. He claims to get revelations from God and proclaims himself to be a “true” prophet. I know this guy is a kook, but my uncle has been following this man for over a decade and takes whatever he says as gospel truth. He even has gone as far to tell my uncle that he has to buy land in a certain area that is “blessed” because when the end times come he will be saved if in the “blessed areas”. I now this guy is a quack, but I am concerned for my uncle’s soul, he used to be Catholic and devout but has abandoned the faith and is following this “prophet”. Just wondering if anyone has heard of this guy and might have any info on him.

I am sorry that I don’t know anything about him, but do you know where exactly this land is? :slight_smile: You could find out if David Terrell actually owns any piece of the land himself, and go from there to find out his motive. While doing that, pray for your uncle nights and days.

Kind of reminds me about a story my priest once told me about a group of asians that all moved to Plano, Texas following some kook who said the world was going to end and that is where God and Heaven would be…and they all bought and wore cowboy hats so they would not stick out like a sore thumb…LOL I have been through Plano, TX and a large group of Asians is noticeable, no matter how they dress LOL This guy you are talking about is no different than Koresh or Jones…or the kooks I just described. Try to intervene and get them out of their web of deceit.

What does your uncle have to say about the Catholic church that makes him believe the Terrel guy is for real? He sounds like the slickest real estate agent that ever lived. See if this guy has an land developer as a sidekick. All kidding aside, this is serious and I will pray that the holy Spirit leads him back to the Catholic church. I am just amazed that people can pack up and follow these types of people. My mother in law after 50 years as a Catholic went to the JW’s scandalous cult brainwashing lying good for nothing society whom also steal souls. Just like that she did it. Satan is a bastard alright and he will get his payment one day. Prayer is the best thing. I hope he is able to speak with you openly. God bless you and your efforts.

I google-searched and found this link to an un-official web page for David Terrell

Maybe that will shed some light as to why your uncle is following this so-called “prophet”

Everything else I could find (although I didn’t go beyond page 1 of google) were for “David Terrell the NFL player” or “David Terrell the fighter”. Hope that helps:)

My prayers are with him as well:gopray:

He is such an influential end time prophet and right hand man of God that he has a website with pop up adds…Go figure:rolleyes:

Something The unofficial David Terrell web page forgot to tell you is that David Terrell went to prison during the 1980’s. Check out this web site!

I went to David Terrells meetings to hear what he had to say with my very own ears. He prophesied a tornado was going to destroy Oklahoma City. Two months later a tornado hit the north side of Oklahoma City and tore up the amusement park. I thought that was it. No, the next summer one of the largest tornadoes in history destroyed the city.
I didnt rely on the news media to tell me about the damage. I went to see it myself. Telephone poles were scattered like toothpicks as far as you could see. The front wall and roof were taken off one particular home and a car was in the living room balled up like an aluminum can. Many of you saw it on t.v. But in real life I cant describe to you how destroyed it really was.
I am surprised at all the forums i visit that have nothing in them but opinions, gossip and just plain… guessing in them. It seems it is so much easier to put in an opinion than to go find out whats truly going on and share what you have learned. For example, someone posted a link to the angelfire website. If any went to that site they would see just as i did that David Terrell is not the owner of that site. But comments are made in here as if he is. And the pop up comment someone wrote in here about pop ups being on that site. This site also blocked a pop up when i came to visit.
I am not a catholic. Nor am i pentecostal. But i heard a prophesy made by David Terrell about aparteid in africa on the a.m. radio when my grandmother was listening to him when i was 12. I had to look it up to see what it was. For a whole year i waited for this prophesy to happen watching the news with grandpa and it didnt happen. I was 17 when i came in from basketball practice from school and turned on the television and for the second time in my life i heard the word aparteid. For those of you that are not too lazy to look it up, that was my junior year which was 1986. It can also be looked up that he said it considering his revival meetings are tape recorded. The news was showing aparteid in South Africa.
I am not a “follower” of this man. But when I hear people talking about how awesome someone is i have to find out what they are talking about. As with Benny Hinn, also self proclaimed prophet. I “followed” the things he said also just to find out he “mis prophesied” many things. Especially concerning Israel and Palestine. With the man Terrell, He has not mis prophesied. He has not said something was going to happen and the opposite happened, or as with psychics, only 1/8th of what they say is going to happen happens. Benny Hinn just completely got things wrong. David Terrell not only has prophesied many things that i have lived to see (now 39) but many things that anyone with any knowledge, even common sense, can see is on the verge of happening.
On another Christian site a woman said this same David Terrell prophesied California sinking into the ocean. I have heard him say this. But instead of thinking him or Benny Hinn or even the pope is a kook, I find out what i can, not to prove them right or wrong. But to see if what they say has any legitimacy. The U.S.G.S (United States Geological Survey) website is a great place for anyone to go find out what is happening in our region of the planet. As it so happens, and any of you can go to the USGS website and find out, the landslides in California happen to be the earth in that region sliding into the ocean. According to what i read, a large earthquake there would not only finish this slide but take parts of neighboring states like Nevada, Arizona etc.
So although i know there is ALWAYS someone out there who finds it amusing to argue with facts, and i know that this post is going to fire up controversy, all i wanted to say is that everyone who reads this can easily go find out all that i have. Its easy to talk what you think about something on these sites. But it takes a little effort to go find out the facts.
I am not a David Terrell follower. Nor anybody else for that matter. But i do follow what the man SAYS because there has been too much he has said that has happened. Not things i have heard he said by someone else. But things i have heard him say and seen happen myself.
It does not take much to listen to what someone says and simply sit back and watch to see if it happens. But to sit and judge without getting any facts is just, oh i dont know…the word i would use is probably irresponsible.
To me, speaking of this man as if he is another David Koresh shows one to not have done much research into what he has said and what has come true. Last I remember these other so called prophets did not have such a good track record with prophesy. All it takes is an ear to hear it and a memory to see if it happens.
Looking at it from a different perspective, wouldnt you consider me irresponsible if i judged the Catholic church without hearing anything the catholics or the pope had to say? Yes. By assuming the catholics had it all wrong from hearsay is very irresponsible. I have listened to the Catholics, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons, the Pentecostals, the Baptists and many others and also studied their “books”. I had no interest in satanism because they deemed themselves evil but i have questioned a few satanists just to find out what pulls them towards the evil side. By doing so, I can post this thread with facts and not hearsay.
No one has to go find out what the prophet is saying and watching to see if it happens. But by not doing so you kinda lose the right to judge. Now that statement is my “opinion”.
I truly hope God blesses all of you. Whether you agree with me or not.
Oh, dont forget to check out the USGS site at
Yellowstone and Grand Teton are super volcanoes and recent activity says they are about to blow like never before… go to the site and find it yourself. Very interesting information.

Yes I have heard of and have heard Brother David Terrell preach. In my opinion he is a "true’ prophet of God. I know he would not tell your uncle anything wrong or anything that would hurt him. The things that you are witnessing on a daily basis was prophosied by Brother David Terrell over 20 years ago at a tent meeting right here in Minnesota. You say you know this guy is a quack, I would suggest you be careful about what you speak about God’s people. God is not one who will tolerate hurtful and mean things being said to or about his believers. You should probably pick up the Holy Bible and see what it says about “Touching God’s Anoited’ and " Doing His Prophets Harm”. How is your uncle following Brother David Terrell affecting your life personally? I can promise you that your uncle is in constant prayer for you and your soul, and you should be thanking God that someone takes out the time to pray for you. Get to know someone and what they are really about before you pass judgement.

david terrell or “david terror” as i call him.i am looking for the man who was looking for his relative who moved to the ‘blessed area’ founded by this man. i live close by and i can find him for you. david terrell has destroyed so many families and lives around america. he bleeds you dry of your money,land and dignity. it is a modern day type of are scared to move. if there is a hell, may he be in the deepest part one day…

I actually am quite bothered by this David Terrell. He was just in Macon Georgia this Saturday and I went with my then boyfriend (now ex) to see what it was that had him so drawn in to this man’s ministry. Not only does he attend Terrell’s revivals but so does his family. Before I attended I wanted to go with an open mind and not go in there thinking negatively. So we got there and it was to me the sight of a “cult.” People were on the ground in the church moaning “Jesus, Jesus, Oh Jesus, Jesus.” They were scattered amongst the small revival tabernacle and were almost in a trance if you will. When Terrell finally came into the tabernacle he immediately began to talk badly about President Obama saying the nation was in trouble and that this was not a Muslim nation. He spoke on how our country was headed in a bad direction and that he personally hear with his own two ears that Obama said he tried being with a man. I couldn’t believe my ears! This was supposed to be a place where we heard the word of God and yet we are listening to a preacher talk down about our president to a lower income black community. He spoke about homosexuality and how no homosexuals would ever be welcomed in his presence. He said it was a sin and that homosexual males were to repent and if not they would go to hell. He made a mockery of homosexuals and said that people were not born gay but chose to be gay. It saddened my heart and angered me in the same to hear such ridiculous **** coming from this man’s mouth. As he went on and on I got more and more upset. I was getting nothing from this supposed revival. After what seemed like listening to a record on repeat, the musician started playing the music really loudly and all of a sudden everyone in the room started moaning and screaming up to the heavens with their hands lifted high to the sky and crying. Never in my life had I felt so hollow. I am a Catholic and a true believer in Our Lord but when I was in there I felt nothing holy or spiritual about what I was witnessing. When it came time for the offertory, which ended up being collected 3 different times, people went up and gave this crook money. He had the nerve to ask these people for $100 bills and said they would be welcomed. He called this his “Love Offering.” Needless to say I am no longer with my boyfriend. He couldn’t understand nor accept why I was offended by what I had witnessed. It was the most heart-wrenching experience I had ever had. Never have I walked out of what is considered to be a church with such confusion and lack of hope. This man is clearly not a prophet of God…the way he spoke was that of a man with hatred towards Obama and homosexuals. I don’t agree with his message and will never allow myself to all prey to such hatred and greed. I just felt that I needed to share my experience with anyone who may encounter or think of encountering David Terrell. He is not right and what I witnessed was a cult brain-washed and run by him.

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