Messiah ben Joseph or David?

What is the catholic approach on the claim of sameness of Messiah ben Joseph and Messiah ben David of endtimes? Are they same person or not?

Christ will return (a second time) in all His Glory, no longer being born out of a woman (only one woman was Worthy and the Church opposes.reincarnation or the rite of return). So.Christ can only come back.entirely supernatural, the human genetic line no longer being relevant (for His Return). He will also come back as Judge while the First Time He did not judge. The Second Time.He will judge and come back in Glory.

Most doctrinally orthodox Christians (i.e. Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant) treat both the Messiah ben Joseph (or ben Ephraim) and the Messiah ben David as the same person, that is, Jesus Christ.


Most Christians, including Catholics, just say “Messiah” and they have no idea what you mean by “ben Joseph” or “ben David” and don’t use those words. “Messiah” means Jesus Christ and that’s the end of it.

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These three titles (or names?) are all entirely new to me. What is the source, please?

You’ve put your religion down as ‘Roman’, previously you had it listed as ‘Catholic’. I would have thought you would therefore be reasonably well aware what your fellow Catholics think. It also seems odd to start posts referencing the Catholic faith as somehow discrete from your own. I find myself shall we… curious about this enquiry.

ben Joseph - would mean son of Joseph. He is a figure in Jewish literature dealing with end times. His identity is debated. Messiah ben David is another figure, some contend they are both the same, others they are different.

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It doesn’t matter if 99.9 percent of Catholics suddenly said reincarnation was something they personally approved of. Catholic teaching is not arrived at via what people feel ‘open minded’ about.


The Essenes “practiced reincarnation”? How would an Essene, or anyone else, “practice reincarnation”?


The Messiah is the descendant of Judah, who, like Joseph, was one of the sons of Jacob, who was later given the name ‘Israel’.

It was probably written in some early Jewish writings that, in fact, there would be/had been two Messiahs. One from the line of Judah, the other from the line of Joseph. The Bible is pretty clear that there is only one, who came from the line of Judah. David was a descendant of Judah, and an ancestor of Jesus. Again, I only study the Bible for such information, which I don’t apologize for, although it may make my answer a little sketchy. And I never heard of a ‘Messiah Ben David’. I believe that those who believed that was thought that the Ben Joseph messiah would be a suffering servant, while Ben Judah would be the ultimate conqueror. There is, biblically just one messiah, and he would atone for man’s sins, then return to conquer sin and Satan for all time.

And, he would be a descendant of Judah-and David! I know, I repeat myself, but I’m too tired to edit.

God Bless!

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